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Mining ETH on 4gb GPU's

  • Beta Team

    Firslty.. brilliant article and spot-on from Doc about "Eth-Death".

    For those PiMPs like me though who want to squeeze every day they can out of mining ETH on your 4gb GPU's.. I have found a way. Only a temporary fix, as the death of 4gb GPU's on ETH is inevitable.. it can still however be stretched/delayed a little. ;)
    So.. this is how i did it.

    TemRedMiner Settings for ETH/ETC mining on 4gb cards.
    (Specifically my MSI Armor OC rx570’s).

    If you’re like me and see the value in trying to keep your 4gb cards mining ETH for as long as possible... here’s how I managed to get them hashing after they suffered the dreaded “ETH-Death”. They now (at time of writing this) have 80+mb of free vram. 😊

    First... I customised the Rom. Save the standard GPU Rom, then open a copy of it with PBE 1-click. 1-click the timing straps, then save as eth.rom.
    Now open this file with SRBPolaris. This will allow you to adjust the undervolting, the target temps and most importantly, the core clock, as OGAT for some reason will not allow the core clock to stick. DO NOT adjust anything in Mem. Timings tab, as PBE 1-click has done this for you. Screen shots of my settings are as follows…


    The following gets added to nano startup.sh, just # out gputool config and add it around there.
    Replace the 01 with your GPU BusId, ie, 05, 0a, 0f etc.
    For multiple GPU’s, you need to duplicate the cmd below changing only the BusId.

    sleep 10 && /opt/pimp/ohgodatool/ohgodatool -i 01 --mem-state 2 --mem-vddc-idx 8 --mem-clock 1975 --core-state 7 --core-vddc-idx 8 --core-clock 1050


    Happy Hashing PiMPs. :)

  • Beta Team

    Just a little follow up after a little more playing... if you are going to edit the clocks in the rom, you can actually fix them in there (the default and the max) to the same setting. This means there is no need to put them in the OGAT string at all, so they can be removed from there. ;)

  • Beta Team

    This article actually came about when after a "typical" weekly update.. a couple of my rigs crashed and would not mine ETH any more. After some investigation, it seems that some rocm-smi updates changed the way things are fed to the vram and reduced the amount of available or free vram, low enough that PhoenixMiner could no longer build the DAG. I re-imaged, and loaded only the PhoenixMiner and my wallet and clock settings.. and away it went. This confirmed i was on the right track. I took the opportunity to do some testing with TeamRedMiner, and whilst i had to do a little more setup (as per original post) to get it working right.. the available free vram seemed more. Pretty simple.. more free vram = longer mining ETH. So with approx 84mb free vram per gpu.. I decided to test the updates again.. and after running every singe update I could.. re-checked the free vram.. and had only lost about 1.6mb. So total now 82.4mb free (at the time of writing this).

    So it seems there are 2 choices when trying to milk a little more ETH time from your 4gb GPU's...

    1. Fresh reimage, load the miner of your choice, and if your chosen miner is anything other than TeamRedMiner - DO NOT DO ANY UPDATES!
    2. Use TeamRedMiner, keep up to date with all PiMP and Ubuntu have to offer.. and ride the train a little longer to ETH-Death.

  • Beta Team

    Some further follow-up.. Have switched back to Phoenixminer version 5.3b is out and will squeeze a little longer for you.
    My gpu's stopped a couple weeks ago on teamRedMiner, and i forgot to update this. When I switched to Phoenix again, i had no issues.. as today I have only about 5mb of free vram.. so any day they will stop. Squeeze while we can right?? LOL. :)

  • @Broomey I followed your lead to Phoenixminer and has been really good thus far. I appreciate you and that you shared your experience. Thank you for pointing the way. SQUEEZING every bit while we can!!! :)

  • Beta Team

    Good to hear mate. Thanks for the feedback. Happy mining! 👍🍻


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