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melts Dual PiMP dev rigs in one crate!

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    Edit: Updated Nov 14, 2016:
    Before, I had the 270x rig and the rx480 in the same crate, but that was causing problems.
    So I redid all the rigs, trying to use the extra space wisely. Now we have melt-pimp19-rx480 and melt-pimp19-rx470 and the bottom guy is melt-pimp181-270x running 1.8.1rc2. Basically, I took an old DELL XPS 400 tower that was over 10 years old, and i took the motherboard,cpu,ram,cooler,psu,casefans,powerbutton out of it and put it in a crate for smaller footprint and better airflow.
    The pimp19 rigs have been hashing fantastically and we have actually rewritten almost all of the pimp code from the ground up using these rigs!
    Don’t worry, I’ll take a less blurry picture later 🙂


    It’s not gorgeous but it changes every day, so I use velcro a lot. 🙂
    I have one milk crate with 2 rigs. Each rig has one GPU, mobo, 8GB RAM, and a Sandisk Ultra SSD. On the left is an AMD Sapphire Dual-X 270X running PiMP 1.8, and On the left is a Ref AMD RX480 running PiMP 1.9 currently in dev at the time of this article as you can see.
    That is a gridseed mini on top, it seems to have died after several years, not bad. It is the original SeedManager ASIC we used to create SeedManager.
    I then added a shelf to move one of the monitors up, just used stuff laying around. PiMP HQ is humble, but it sure is authentic. I love working on the rigs.
    We are efficient in space what can I say, PiMPing can be easy…

    0_1506621234825_3.jpg 0_1506621271789_4.jpg

    Real PiMPS Choose Mabel’s!! 🙂 PiMPing is not only easy, but FUN! Submit your rigs!


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