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Need help with Xevan Algorithm

  • Hi,

    I'm looking to mine Solaris, it's using Xevan algorithm. I tried to put that in CCMiner and it doesn't work, any suggestion? Thanks!

  • Support

    You can try to use ccMiner Fork With Xevan Algorithm https://github.com/krnlx/ccminer-xevan
    PiMP is a Linux (Ubuntu) OS.

  • Thanks! But I don't know how to add ccminer-xevan into Pimp. I'm very new to Linux.

    Do I create a "ccminer-xevan" directory in the "opt/miners", compile ccminer-xevan in that directory so I would run
    "opt/miners/ccminer-xevan/ccminer"? How do the miner.farm interact with this ccMiner fork?

    I will start reading the readme of the ccMiner-Xevan and see if there is any helpful info, but if you could point me to more instruction about integrate it with Pimp, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!

  • Staff

    We were hoping these wayward ccminer forks would be merged into the main branch. Since they did not learn that yet, We will do our best to include some more fork-miners soon. Thanks!

  • Thanks! I will wait a little be long and hopefully get xevan on next Pimpup!

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