Seemingly Low Hashrate for 3 STRIX GTX 1070 and 2 STRIX GTX 1070ti

  • Hey there pimps!

    Loving the OS and ease of use, I come from a programming and web background and so far have found Pimp incredibly easy to use!

    I recently built my first rig, consisting of the above cards, all of which are seen by Pimp. I decided to test by mining XMR, but it seems my hashrate is 3.06kH/s average. Is this normal for that many cards? Maybe I have made a mistake or misconfigured something? As a total noob I have no idea what the number should be, but that seemed low?

    Any advice is much appreciated, keep pimpin!


  • If you go to, you can plug in Five 1070 GPU and see the result. You're getting the correct hashrate. Your problem is you're mining the wrong coin. Nvidia is not good for CryptoNight algorithm. If you plug in Five AMD RX580, you will see that the AMD get 30% more hashrate than the 1070. I would suggest you to mine other coins.


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