Fleet deployment - Managed rigs or central dashboard

  • Hi,

    I'm new to pimp. I have tried many mining plateforms : Windows, Simplemining, Ubuntu, Ethos...

    My question is :

    How can i save time when i deploy several rigs at the same time? I could not find the answer. On windows, i could create a virtual machine and restore the pre-configured image on SSD of each rig. On Ethos fo example, i used the remote conf feature, which allowed me to change anything remotely on all rigs.

    On PimpOs which i love, i can't find a way to deploy several rigs at the same time.

    I'd like to be able to set :

    • Mining Profiles : Miner, Wallet, coin, flags etc
    • GPU configuration : core clock, memory Power etc...

    Can i use use a local server (say a raspberry for example) ? Say all my rigs can connect to it and read the desired parameters?

    I also have a miner.farm account, it is handy and very nice, but slow and i can't push settings or profiles to my rigs through it..Any suggestion?

    Thank you.

  • assuming you are mirroring all setups exactly the same, you can semi automate config files, profiles, etc. creating a shell script to automate most things further once the license key is entered is probably doable. this does however speak to an overall feature development that can be useful here which deals with both quick-deploy and new image upgrades where you cannot pimpup but want to preserve what you already have. essentially what is needed is a clone utility.

  • Staff

    We intend to expand the offerings here. Moving to feature requests. Thank you!


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