sgminer not accepting shares when using multiple algorithms

  • When using sgminer with the Lyra2REv2 an other algorithms on multiple profiles I am successfully able to connect to my desired pool and a hash rate is displaying however I am not getting any accepted shares and also not getting any rejected shares, there is just no activity happening. I have confirmed that the miner can connect to the pools i am attempting to mine from. This problem has also happened outside of pimp when trying to run sgminer on other linux distros and windows. Has anyone come across a similar issue where sgminer is running fine and there is a detected hash rate but there is just no accepted shares or even no rejected shares after mining for well over an hour?

    Any help would be much appreciated. Let me know if you need anymore info for trouble shooting.

  • I seems to recall something similar. Try to use other pool. In my case, the pool I use had some hardware issue that after they fix it, the hash process works again. It took them 3 days.


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