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Sick of entering Username and Password every time in PuTTY ??

  • Beta Team

    Getting tired of having to type you username and password every time you want to ssh into a Rig??

    Saving your PuTTY username and password in a Windows Shortcut
    We will create a Windows shortcut which will store our PuTTY session information so that we don’t have to enter the username and password every time we log in.
    If you haven’t already installed PuTTY, you can download it for free from www.putty.org

    1. Create Windows Shortcut
      Begin by creating a Windows Shortcut.
      Right-click the Desktop, select New and Shortcut.
      Click Browse and navigate to the PuTTY folder (usually located in C:\Program Files\PuTTY or C:\Program Files (x86)\PuTTY)
      Select putty.exe, click OK and Next.
      Enter a name for you shortcut. e.g. RIG1 and click Finish.

    2. Edit Shortcut
      Right-click on your new shortcut and click Properties.
      After the double quotes at the very end, paste in the following - -ssh john@ -pw PaSsWoRd
      Replace john with your username, with your RIG1 local IP and PaSsWoRd with your own password (live is the default one in PiMP).
      It will look a little something like......
      "C:\Program Files\PuTTY\putty.exe" -ssh john@ -pw PaSswOrD
      Click OK and you’re done!

    Now when you double-click the shortcut it will bring you straight into your Rig without having to enter username or password.

    Obviously this is not the "safest" or most "secure" thing to do, but you can always change the password if you have concerns.

    Nb - I can't take the credit for this.. Much "google-fu ing) later.. I found it and just modified it so it was more relevant to us PiMPs.

    Happy Mining all!


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