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New to PIMP, Having trouble changing ".pimpworker" (miner name) in Claymore's Dual Miner

  • To Whom This May Concern,

    I was recently turned onto PIMP Linux after reading an online review and decided to give it a shot. I quickly fell in love and now have 2 systems running it as their operating system, and another in the making. With that said, I'm still new to Linux and very inexperienced with it.

    I found it pretty straightforward, and had no major issues or inconvenience setting it up. However, there is one issue in particular I've been struggling with.

    I run "Claymore's Dual Miner" setup for mining Ethereum, but cannot seem to correctly set my machine's name. According to the script, I should only have to replace ".pimpworker" but nothing seems to work. No matter what I attempt to call the miner, my Ethermine Dashboard still reports pimpworker.

    In the beginning, I could live with this. However, as I continue to create additional miners running PIMP this has turned into a nuisance. I would really love to be able to see the individual hashrates for each miner, rather than their combined total hashrate.

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!


    PS - I apologize in advance if this topic is out of place, was not entirely sure where I should post such an issue.

  • Beta Team

    Hey Ander217.
    Thanks for the PiMP plug, glad you are enjoying it.
    As for the right place to post.. well.. as long as you get the answers you need timely.. there is no "wrong" spot ;)
    Sooo. firstly.. there are 2 spots to change your workers name. Both are in the pcfg file (pimp --edit x).
    Hmmm.. I'm trying to put images here for you but seems it will not let me.. but the 2 spots are...

    1. After your wallet address up towards the top.
    2. Arrow down .. right down towards the bottom until you see the FLAGS= section.. change the "pimpworker" there to your rig name mate.
      That will sort you out. :)
      As a side note.. Claymore is "ok", but I have found that PhoenixMiner is a little better. Hashrate is a little higher, their fees are a little less and data through to MinerFarm seems a little better too.
      Jump in the PiMP discord channel anytime mate.. there's always someone helpful in there 24/7. :)
      Happy Mining Brother! :)


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