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CCminer - how do I run 2 instances with 2 algos

  • How do I run 2 instances of CCMINER so I can mine XVG and AEON concurrently?

    So I can have:

    1. nvidia.ccminer.aeon.pcfg controlling the AEON mining credentials on NVIDIA GPUs 0,1,2,3 using cryptolight algo.
    2. nvidia.ccminer.xvg.pcfg controlling the XVG mining credentials on NVIDIA GPUs 4,5,6,7, using x17 algo.

    I have already configured both. But I cannot run them side by side.

  • Hello. Put the --devices in FLAGS section of your config:

    --devices gives a comma separated list of CUDA device IDs to operate on. Device IDs start counting from 0! Alternatively give string names of your card like
    gtx780ti or gt640#2 (matching 2nd gt640 in the PC).

    Example for 4x1060s: FLAGS=--devices=gtx1060#1,gtx1060#2,gtx1060#3,gtx1060#4

  • Will this work the same way if you have a mix of nvidia and amd gpus?

  • Will this work using separate instances of the same miner running the same algo but to a different pool port? I have varied equipment running together in the same high diff pool and Id like to separate them using these flags. Can I just use minerfarm to configure extra instances with different conf/pcfg files for each? how would I direct the different instances of the same miner to different config files?

  • To do this, you need to create profiles. https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/10/setting-up-miner-profiles

  • @blackice Will your flag example work in claymore to tell it to only use GPU1 and GPU2?

  • the claymore documentation is listed in the miner config. if you read it, the -di switch allows you to set the gpu id that will be used.


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