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Setting up Motherboards for Mining

  • Staff

    PIMP IMAGE 2.24 onboard note

    IMAGING to PIMP 2.24 adds support for onboard to be enabled on some motherboards when needed. It can be used for display or not, but it should be tolerated by gputool and miners now.

    older than 2.24: onboard not supported


    Onboard graphics is not supported before pimp 2.24.

    If you have network connectivity issues or are unable to successfully boot with multiple GPUs, try these steps:

    • When make any changes to your settings, make sure to change one thing at a time.
    • If you have many GPUs, make sure that no GPU is plugged in directly to any 16x slot. Risers must be used for all GPUs.
    • Unplug all GPUs except for gpu0 (ignore all 1x slots, gpu0 is always the 16x PCI-E slot physically closest to your motherboard's CPU socket).
    • If your motherboard has molex or PCI-E onboard power jacks, make sure to plug the correct cable into them. Double check all of your cables again.
    • First thing to check is the options in the BIOS. Usually you have to press DELETE or F1 as soon as your rig powers on, to get to the BIOS of the motherboard. Then, go and set as many of these options as you can find:

    Set CPU UNLOCK to ENABLED (this may prevent CPU temp from being read properly).
    Set CPU CORE CONTROL equal to the amount of CORES PER PROCESSOR for your particular CPU make/model.
    Set IEEE1394 to DISABLED.

    Set IEEE1394 to DISABLED.
    Set PCI-E SUBSYSTEM/LANES to x8/x4/x4

    • Save changes and reboot. Allow rig to boot completely with just one GPU, then add more.

    Fixing 290/390/470/480 boot problems with Intel Boards

    If you are running this GPU on an Intel motherboard, you may experience boot problems in certain cases. Here are some suggestions:

    Do not use this GPU in the gpu0 slot. Instead, use another GPU.
    Use a 16x16x ribbon riser in the gpu0 slot.

    Enabling 5+ GPUs on Intel Z170/X/270/X Chipsets

    Follow the below guide if you have an Intel Z170/X/270/X motherboard and you experience problems booting with 5+ GPUs.

    Update your motherboard BIOS version to the latest manufacturer firmware.
    You must extract the correct motherboard make/model BIOS firmware .zip file onto your spare USB drive (not PiMP drive) or run it in Windows if you prefer.

    MSI Motherboards

    For ALL GPUs

    Under "Windows OS Configuration" -> set WINDOWS 7 INSTALLATION MODE to DISABLE and set FAST BOOT to DISABLED.
    Under "Integrated Peripherals: -> set HD AUDIO CONTROLLER to DISABLED.
    For RX Series GPUs (in addition to ALL GPUs section)

    Advanced Mode (F7) -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> PCI-E Subsystem Settings ->
    set 4G DECODE to ENABLED.
    set PEG1 to "GEN 2"
    set PEG2 to "GEN 2"
    set PCI Latency to "96 Cycles"

    For HD and R9 Series GPUs (in addition to ALL GPUs section)
    set PEG1 to "GEN 1"
    set PEG2 to "GEN 1"
    set PCI Latency to "96 Cycles"

    ASUS Motherboards
    Advanced mode (F7) -> "Boot" section -> set "4G Decode" to ENABLED.
    Under "Boot" -> set FAST BOOT to DISABLED.
    Under "Advanced" -> Onboard Devices Configuration -> set HD AUDIO CONTROLLER to DISABLED.
    Under "Advanced" -> PCH Configuration -> set PCI-E Link Speed to GEN2.

    Note: Some users have reported GEN1 working better with the ASUS PRIME Z270P. Try that if you have that board.

    ASROCK Motherboards (all)
    Advanced -> Chipset settings -> change TOLUD to 3.5GB
    Set all PCI-E settings to AUTO

    Asrock H110 PRO BTC+

    Solution ; The first mining kit (PCIe riser + graphics card + power connections) should be installed on
    slot PCIE2. That is the x16 slot < see page 4 of the 6 page H110 PRO BTC+ mining setup guide>

    Step 10. Install the second mining kit on the top PCIe x1 slot (which is closest to CPU) and repeat steps
    3, 4, 8 and 9.
    ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ mining system Installation Guide
    http://asrock.pc.cdn.bitgravity.com/Manual/BTC/H110 Pro BTC+.pdf

    You have two spots in the BIOS you have to disable internal graphics.

    There is the obvious one which is marked Integrated graphics.

    Then there is another setting, called iGPU Multi-Monitor that MUST be turned off, otherwise it will keep integrated on WHILE other gpus run as well:


    IGPU Multi-Monitor: Select disable: to disable the integrated graphics when an external graphics card is installed. You MUST disable that one as well to kill onboard graphics completely.

    Blackice found this in the Motherboard manual itself, on page 51:


    (special thanks to a904guy and blackice for your help)

    Note: It is ok if When you connect a monitor to the gpu you dont get a screen till after PiMP loads up. But from the GPU3 slot you can get a boot screen to be able to access F2 for bios.

  • Tip in the Asus B250, go into the BIOS, go under menu "Boot", I had to enable "Launch CSM" and change to "UEFI and Legacy OPROM" so that the system could boot to my SSD, or USB.

    Launch CSM is disabled by default, and the help notes on CSM say that Asus sets this disabled so as "to fully support the Windows secure update and boot".
    so to boot to non Windows OS such as PIMP, need to have CSM enabled.

  • ASUS Motherboards
    Advanced mode (F7) -> "Boot" section -> set "4G Decode" to ENABLED.
    Under "Boot" -> set FAST BOOT to DISABLED.
    Under "Advanced" -> Onboard Devices Configuration -> set HD AUDIO CONTROLLER to DISABLED.
    Under "Advanced" -> PCH Configuration -> set PCI-E Link Speed to GEN2.

    Note: Some users have reported GEN1 working better with the ASUS PRIME Z270P. Try that if you have that board

    Can I add to this:
    Asus b250 motherboard
    go to Advanced\system agent (SA) Configuration\Graphics configuration
    Change Primary Graphics from CPU Graphics to PCIE

  • Staff

    Thanks pimps for the extra info! Is there more? Keep it coming!

  • Here is more details with screenshots provided by PIMP Beta ldemorgan4. Thank you ldemorgan4 for this great information.

    ASUS Strix B250F Gaming:

  • ASUS H170 Pro Gaming
    Update BIOS and here is a good video for setup.
    *** You will have to pause to keep up!
    Youtube Video

  • Staff

    Thank you joey1!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Staff

    What’s The Difference Between In PCI Express Gen 1 vs. Gen 2 vs. Gen 3? Here is a great guide. Try each if you are having trouble getting booted or detected. https://www.deskdecode.com/difference-between-pci-express-gen-1-gen-2-gen-3/

  • Something is missing in my Biostar TB250-BTC+ bios settings to get the pimp os to boot. I've tried legacy and uefi on the storage option.

    I'm going to update flash my boss in the morning. Does anyone have this mother board that can share settings?

  • It is good practice to go and look for a mobo BIOS update before you start with Pimp. GPUs on risers came later, and requires an up to date bios.

  • Gigabyte GA-F2A8BX-D3HP. Anyone tried this Motherboard?

  • Hello everyone, I have an AsRock BTC H110 followed the instructions on the documentation to install Pimp, but I'm receiving the following error: invalid video mode specification 'text', booting in blind mode, does anyone faced this issue before?

  • Staff

    @rcervantes Reported that the reimage solved his issues. Thanks!

  • Staff

    Trying Gen2 or Gen1 seems to help too, I use Gen2 usually.

    Actually, there's a more important BIOS option that's not available with some mobo's
    I saw the PCI latency greatly affecting stability of some miners, its optimum for mining is about 96 clocks but 64 may be better for stability, so one should better trial and error those if you are having stability issues with mining.

  • Just been looking on what I need to do - has anyone used a ASUS M5A97 LE R2 motherboard for mining
    or am I looking at a new board? for example I haven't come across a GEN switch within the BIOS. thanks!

  • Staff

    @manuk08 hey! Glad to see you. What are you mining? Are you having problems? Did you see anything about PCIe in the bios? And did you try running the network update from the bios? We will get you going no problem.. Thanks!

  • Hi Melt.. Very new member here.. only just got to transferred the system onto the SSD and I was reading your setting up your motherboard section
    and half of the the switches listed are on this board. If you can give me any pointers that I need to start with then I'll kick ball rolling in the morning
    thanks again.

  • Staff

    Set what you can and see if you can boot, validate, and ssh in. If that doesnt work we can look at your manual and suggest further. Also, we have folks in discord chat to help you live anytime.


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