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MSI B360-F Pro Motherboard Setup

  • Beta Team

    After a LOT of trial and error months ago trying to get these boards mining properly.. Thanks to the PiMP team for their assistance and perseverance getting me on the right track ;) .. I found myself having to reset and reconfigure the bios on one of these again recently and had one hell of a time trying to get it right again, mainly due to not remembering the settings, so thought I'd make this post to save myself and other MSI owners some headaches.

    Sooo.. First things first..
    DO NOT HAVE ANY GPU's CONNECTED. It's just easier and seems to give less trouble. Plug your monitor into the Motherboards display and set this thing up first. ;)

    1. Update the Bios.
      MSI make this easy, and the built in "M-FLASH" feature makes it so simple. Now.. there are a few updates available.. not sure why, but the latest one wouldn't boot with my 10 x AMD gpu's.. but the Version E7B25IMS.160 Is perfect. At the time of writing this, V.190 is out (with .170 and .180 also available - untried by myself). Download that to a USB stick, boot to the Bios by pressing delete when prompted, click on the Advanced ab up top centre, then click on the big M-Flash and follow your nose.
      Now that the Bios is updated to a usable mining machine.. some other settings will need to be changed.

    2. Up the top centre, click on advanced. Everything is in here.
      Change the following...
      Settings - Advanced - PCI Subsystem - Should read Gen1, 32 PCI Bus, Enabled, Gen1.
      Settings - Advanced - Integrated Graphics Configuration - Change to read IGD, 32MB.
      Settings - Advanced - Power Management Setup - Should read Disabled, Last State, Disabled, Disabled.
      Settings - Advanced - Windows OS Configuration - Should read UEFI, Disabled, Enabled.

    Pics below for some reference.


    3.Reboot your Rig..
    let the PiMP OS Load, It'll give you an IP address so you can SSH in and activate with your Licence Key. Once you've put your Licence Key in (copy and paste is best to avoid errors), the Rig will reboot and load to the PiMP desktop. Type "sd" in the terminal to shut the rig down.

    1. Plug in all your GPU's and fire it up again. Hopefully you get all the lights coming on the appropriate parts of the board, and during the bootup you'll see green where you have the GPU's plugged in - if there's no trouble with power or risers. (that's a whole other story!).

    2. By now, PiMP should be all loaded up and you should see all your GPU's on the right hand side of the screen (unless you have more than like 6 connected, in which case you will have to SSH into the Rig, as the desktop will not load, and you will see them appear there).

    3. Configure your Startup, your Miner.Farm, your Miner.. and tweak and hash PiMPs !! :)

    Happy Mining All !!!! :)


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