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Watts / Power Usage figures not adding up??

  • Beta Team

    To get your Watts showing more accurately, there are some things you can adjust yourself.
    By adding Watts to the fields below manually, you can get it to match the power usage AT THE WALL (if you have a meter of course). I have mine set to “compact view” to show me all the goodies. 😉

    For example…
    Your main MinerFarm “view” screen.

    There are two baseline power fields. One on the miner and one for the rig/actual PC or system.

    Miner View Baseline Power is only used for miners that do not report their power usage.
    If you know you GPU is using 100w of power but your chosen miner is not reporting and thus showing 0’s or nothing, this is where you would enter 100. If you have 6 x GPU’s, and you know each is using 100w, enter 600 in here.

    For example…
    When you click on one of your miners (above image, 3rd line down, Production Rig 1) you’ll see something like the below. Down the bottom right is where you add this. It’s worth mentioning that the Watts displayed on this screen are the Watts used by the device/s for mining. In my case below, the Watts that the GPU’s are using.

    The Host Power Baseline is for the rig's overhead power (CPU/MB/RAM/SSD/PSU/Riser Cards) (i.e. Things not reported via a miner.)

    For example…
    When you click on “Admin” on the left navigation tabs you will see something like the below.

    Then click on the Agent you wish to amend from the above ie, I’ll stick with my Production Rig 1 on the 2nd line, and again, see below screenshot, down the bottom right you would add your base watts here for that Rig/PC/System.

    Now your Watts aka power usage should be pretty right.

    As always.. if anyone needs assistance.. please jump on the chat in Discord and a friendly fellow PiMP will be glad to help out.

    Happy mining all. 😊


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