High Reject Rate, what to do? (Mining XVG Verge with ccminer)

  • Hi,
    I'm getting high Reject Rate, between 10 to 15%. I read that pushing the GPU too much could cause the problem, so I adjusted my GPU OC. The temperature looks right, the hash rate looks right etc, but I'm still getting high reject rate.
    I'm using CCMiner V2.2.4 mining XVG on Yiimp pool. Any idea? Miner.farm show the Intensity is 19, but in the CCMiner file I did not set intensity. If I want to set intensity, what command do I put under the "FLAG=" section?


  • Staff

    Try running pimpup on ccminer, and try another pool. For ccminer FLAGS, read ccminer's documentation.

  • Thanks! I found that the Reject Rate reported by the Miner.farm is not accurate. In reality, the reject rate I get is between 2-4% if I look at the "Accept/Reject" section in the expended view.

  • Staff

    Ah, That may be a display issue, where it is saying 10% reject but it only was 10 rejects not the %


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