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Remote Desktop / VNC Only Connects First Time

  • Just installed PiMP for the first time and i am having problems with connecting via Remote Desktop or VNC.

    It connects first time with no problems, if i then disconnect and attempt to reconnect it gets to Login to xrdp OK, but the clicking OK the connection says connecting to 5900 - error - problem connecting.

    I then have to reboot to get in using RDP /VNC.

    Any idea what could be the problem?

  • does the client from the remote machine give this error? look at the IP address its attempting to use This is a loopback address which is when a server wants to talk to itself. If this is on the remote computer, you need to put in the correct IP address of your pimp rig.

  • I am having the same issue. I canRDP into the rig once. After that I get the pimp doge and when I click ok I get the message error connecting to I am putting in the rig ip address. I've tried restarting xrdp with no help. I can't even ssh into it now. I have to restart the rig to get it work again for the one time. I've also tried Team viewer and can't get it to run.


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