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How can you install another version of a miner to be updated by the pimpos system?

  • Here is what I am trying to do, I want to git clone the djm34 lyra2 ccminer into pimpos and have pimpup manage it from the git https, I have a feeling that this is possible I just need directions on how to do it.


  • guess not :( i was looking to do the same thing with ccminer... there is a version that does support my card, but the ones installed do not.

  • Staff

    if the miner application is branched from an already supported miner, and the new developer chose to keep the API intact, and upto date. The integration is pretty simple.

  • how?

    I am using XMR-Stak and it's not in your list of miners but it's the only one I can use on my older card.

  • Staff

    xmr-stak is not branched from anything we have already built wrappers around. But! As discussed earlier, you can use xmrMiner, its branched from ccminer and will bolt right in :)


    Still supports all the way back to sm20,sm21 devices, and everything between. Might need a tiny bit of hoop jumping to get compiled up, but if you built xmr-stak, you should have no issues with it. Ping me if you do have issues, and I will slip you a binary for pimp.

  • ok so, I am running that GTX 960 4GB card and it is connected to a computer I got for free, the computer is running PCI Express v2. The single GTX card is only hashing at around 149 H/s I cannot afford to buy a new motherboard yet as I am buying 1 piece per paycheck. If I were to use a different Miner program, would that help increase my hash rate?

    keep in mind I am using the low hash power for BCN.

    I have gone through and tested / tweaked every setting inside of XMR-Stak and cannot get more power out of that card. Does it make sense, other than the card reporting back to the pimpos to switch miners?

  • Staff

    That rate is pretty low for that card. I have a GTX660ti that someone else was requesting support for, so I put one in a rig as was able to get 270H/s from it, while it stays stable and runs just fine.

    To help you, I need more information. Can you run 'helpme' and provide the url? What temp does the card run at?


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