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  • Hello, I'm very new to all of this and learning as I go along. I really appreciate this forum, as I was able to build and configure my rig without any prior knowledge or experience. PiMP is amazing!

    Now, I understand that I can flash the bios but I first need to save the stock bios, correct? When saving stock, where does this file save to? I would like to make a usb backup of this. Also, what is the command to save original bios and flash bios from a file on usb? I have AMD cards.

  • I don't have all the specifics and I don't have access to any of my rigs right this second but the tool you want to use is ATIFlash. You should be able to run atiflash -h to get information about how to use it. Also just be aware if you are going to be modding your own bios you will use PolarisBiosEditor not ATIFlash for that. ATIFlash only reads and writes the bios to the cards. Polaris allows you to make changes :) Hope this gets you going in the right direction.

  • @catch22 thank you for this. I am not modding, I have a modded bios to flash. I should have been more specific with my question. How do I save the stock bios to a usb drive after saving it with atiflash and how do I flash a bios from a file on usb? How does the system know where to find the file? Can I do this through putty?

  • I'm not 100% certain as I flashed my cards on windows before I ever had PiMP OS but if you run atiflash -h it should tell you were it will output by default. Or you could just give it an absolute path like "/usr/root/MYSTOCKBIOS.rom" then it should put it right in your root directory :) You can run it via putty.

    This page may help you: https://medium.com/@lukehamilton/flash-your-rx-470-card-on-mac-linux-7391fb78b6f6
    Just ignore the parts about installing atiflash since PiMP already has it pre-installed.

  • @catch22 thanks for your help. I was able to save my bios and flash the cards. I went from 19-21 to 28-30. This is so much fun!

  • @monk that's awesome! Glad it worked! Happy mining :D


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