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No GUI after 7th gpu installation

  • Hello,
    My rig boots on a start "info" screen and not the linux desktop if I install a 7th GPU independently of which pci-e slot I use or which GPU is the 7th. I need to use ALT-F2 to get a command line.
    I have followed the motherboard specific guide and the GUI works with 6 GPUs.
    Motherboard : Asrock H110 pro btc+
    CPU : G3940
    Ram : 4Gb - also tried it with 8Gb (2x4), same result
    GPUs : Saphire 5xRX580 nitro+, 2xRX580 nitro+ SE.
    Latest PiMP image with updates (>pimpup --auto) that runs of an SSD.
    Please note that in Win10 with latest AMD drivers the rig works fine.
    Any ideas/things to try?

  • If you run "top" is there an agetty process using a large % of the CPU?

  • Thanks for replying.
    Didn't check that. Will do first thing tomorrow.

  • @catch22
    Yes, it does...

  • Hmm that's interesting. My rig does the same when the GUI doesn't load. I haven't found a fix yet however knowing this seems to be a consistent problem will hopefully get us some help. If you are fine only using the terminal to interface with the rig you can press Ctrl+Alt+F2 to get into a terminal or you can just use SSH. I would recommend as a temporary fix to the 100% CPU utilization you run these commands:

    systemctl stop getty@tty1
    systemctl disable getty@tty1

    This will disable the GUI from ever loading. You can run: "systemctl enable getty@tty1" to re-enable it if there is a fix later but for right now I just disabled it so I wasn't dealing with having to kill the agetty process after every reboot.

    Hope this helps some at least. Happy mining!

  • @catch22
    Thanks for the workaround.
    Pity, I liked the desktop with the conky window (even though it doesn't anchor correctly on my 4:3 monitor).
    Guess we'll have to wait and see...

  • Staff

    We find with AMD rigs, there are bugs with the AMD drivers that prevent the X11 GUI from indexing the GPUs past 6. So 7+, AMD only, will have some issues. We are working actively to find a resolution to the issue.


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