rackaz’s X13 290X, 3x 7950 Sapphire Dual-X machines!

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    PiMP Rig #4: rackaz’s X13 2x Sapphire R9 290X, 1x XFX R9 290X – RIG 1 / 3x 7950 Sapphire Dual-X , 1x 280x Gigabyte machine!
    As of 2014-08-13, this was cranking out 20MH/s!
    20,000 KH/S on X13 standard BIOS, 990 Engine on 290X Engine on 7950, 280x. 1140 Engine. 700-800 Watt at the wall.
    Built with Wood.
    PiMP Version:
    2x Sapphire R9 290X, 1x XFX R9 290X – RIG 1 / 3x 7950 Sapphire Dual-X , 1x 280x Gigabyte
    1.5.6 AMD-13.12
    Asus Crosshair IV / Gigabyte Sempron jount
    2x 1000 Watt Evga G2 Japanese Caps
    Why did you switch to PiMP?
    Well my boy sling00, that my homie, my parter in crime got me into this. Before he started working on pimp me and him spoke one day we met up and I invited him to chat with my other homies, from there he got connections and knew the hotshots. I used to teach sling00 he didn’t have much rigs at all first and started off with a 6950 card then got 57xx or something had 2 rigs running on BAMT or on a windows I forget it’s been a long time. Anyways then I got into some legal troubles then I stopped mining and got a job and never had the time to upkeep my rigs. One day I decided to get back into it once the x11,x13’s came out and saved alot of energy. Then I spent money got getting local gfx cards online and bought a bunch online. I was cheap so I made it out of wood, it’s not stable but it’s a pimp in it’s own mind.
    Call it the Ghetto Rig.
    What do you like best? least?
    LOL why even ask that question, it’s WAY better than BAMT, it’s got config for alt algo’s and a bunch of other settings and its GREEN! I love green 🙂
    The least – nothing yet, if it mines its good. Usually couple clicks and a fix is easy.
    Why did you donate to PiMP?
    Because why not?
    What do you think of the way we develop and add features?
    Sling00 is on top of his game, he knows far ahead on what needs to be developed and added to the PIMP headless monster OS.
    Config file:


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