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Hugepages for XMrig-cpu.pcfg flags configuration Feb 13th - 2020

  • Beta Team

    We looked into hugepages for cpumining

    Arctic I use it thanks to Doc it really produces coins

    Arctic FLAGS=-l /var/log/xmrig-amd.log --donate-level 1 --api-worker-id ArcticTestRig-CPU -k --randomx-1gb-pages
    flags from xmrig-cpu huge page option only in xmrig-cpu - not the gpu ones
    but my hash rate went from 3kH/s to 15 kH/s with huge pages in there

    DocDrydenn It's a feature that requires hardware that supports it. When you first run xmrig, it will show you if huge pages
    and 1GB pages (two separate things) supported. If huge pages are supported, xmrig will automatically enable
    it. If 1GB pages are supported, you need to add the --randomx-1gb-pages flag.

    Q: what if flag there but not supported? ignored?

    DocDrydenn Yes, it just shows a warning that it couldn't be applied.

    Arctic what is difference between huge and 1Gb pages in size?

    DocDrydenn Looking back through xmrig's history... it seems as though every new feature is first added as a flag option.
    Then, a couple versions later, they're automated into the miners.
    AES, Huge Pages, and adjusted MSR are a few features that started as flags, but are now automatic within
    the miners (i.e. no flags needed) Anyway, I'm guessing 1gb pages will be next on that list.
    Huge Pages deals with CPU memory. 1GB Pages deal with system memory (RAM).


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