ASRock H81 BTC 2.0 and Gigabyte RX570 - Setup problems

  • Hi all. I'm new to mining and am having real problems setting up my ASRock H81 with a single Gigabyte RX570. I've followed the instructions that say to set the primary graphics as PCI-E and to disable onboard graphics as well as disabling the iGP multi-monitor support, but try as I might I cannot get any output from the GPU's HDMI port. GPU is powered by its onboard 8-way power connector. Mobo 4-way PCI-E power connectors are NOT connected yet as mobo manual states these are only needed when running multiple GPU's.
    PiMP boots and loads fine when onboard graphics are enabled, but I can't tell what it's doing when they're disabled as I can't get anything to display. PiMP isn't accessible via SSH when onboard graphics are disabled so I'm guessing I'm sat at the BIOS setup or some sort of error message.
    Any ideas how I can get HDMI out from the RX570 ?
    Happy to provide more info on setup if needed.

    Edit: GPU is in PCI-E 16x slot. No riser.
    Edit: Further reading suggests that maybe the 4-way PCI-E power connectors on the mobo should be connected (???) Would this cause problems as the GPU is already powered through its own 8-way power connector ?

  • do you have another machine to ssh to the box since you cant get video working? my asrock does the same thing once ive disabled onboard and igp multi. to roll back, find the cmos reset jumper and shunt it, that way you can reenable onbard.

    another method I'm seeing people do is to install teamviewer which is what im working on right now. from what i gather you need to have a connected monitor to do the first setup of teamviewer, although i could be wrong at that.

  • I can't get an SSH session to the ASRock when onboard graphics are disabled, which suggests that PiMP isn't loading. I'm guessing that there's an error being displayed on screen, but as I can't see it I'm kinda stuck :-) With onboard enabled, PiMP loads fine but gputool complains that onboard gfx are enabled (As I'd expect) Disabling them just leads me into this "black hole". Really need to get an output from the GPU.

  • thats really odd. pimp should boot after youve disabled onboard and igp multi. are you sure you have the correct ip address? did you enter the key via ssh?

  • fyi i just got teamviewer working via ssh on my asrock machine. referring to this page

    it shows a section about installing remotely without x-term. it was an easy process, but you also need to set your hostname since the ubuntu image comes with pimp2 by default. if you have multiple pimp rigs, you;'ll need to change that first with at "hostname <insertyourname here>" command

  • Hello, @tony.lloyd
    Motherboards for mining can supply little power to pci-e slots. Therefore, I always recommend connecting 4 pin connectors in any case. This will not cause problems. The card will take as much as it needs.
    And the integrated graphics should be turned off by connecting the HDMI to the integrated graphics connector.

    Required BIOS settings for your case:
    Chipset configuration -> Primary Graphics Adapter -> PCI Express
    Chipset configuration -> IGPU Multi-Monitor -> Disabled
    Boot Screen -> Fast Boot -> Disabled
    Boot Screen -> CSM -> Disabled
    Boot Screen -> Boot Option #1 -> Your PiMP SSD

    Good luck!

  • Pimp recommends all GPUs be attached via 1x risers and warns against using any in 16x. Not sure if this will matter with only one card but could help. Another thing to test is if you have a keyboard hooked up and the computer was able to POST you should be able to hit the Numlock (or any-lock) key and see the corresponding light on the keyboard change states. If it does not then the machine did not POST and the issue is likely in your bios settings. If it did POST but there is no output I'd start double checking everything and possibly do a fresh install of Pimp.

    Best of luck getting it going!

  • Thanks for the hints guys, haven't had chance to make any progress today but will be trying everything suggested as soon as I can.
    Will keep you posted :-)

  • Good news! I'm mining XMR at a pretty decent (I think) 640H/s out of the box.
    Many thanks for the help guys, I finally got it working by following the above advice regarding BIOS settings and hooking up the molex connectors to supply additional power to the PCI-E slots and hooking the GPU to a powered riser connected into the first 1x slot on the mobo. Even with the riser I just couldn't get PiMP to load with the GPU connected to the 16x slot.
    I still have no video output from the GPU to my monitor, but I can SSH to PiMP and HTTP to the miner port to check it's status, so all is good.
    I'll shut the rig down overnight in case I've got something wrong and burn down the loft, but things are looking good.
    Now I need to build a rack to put it all in instead of having spaghetti wiring all over the desk :-)

  • Glad to hear it worked out! Every rig ends up being so unique with what it requires to work... Happy mining!

  • I am setting up my first GPU miner and have three GPU cards installed. All are variations of RX570. All are on risers. The issue is that Pimp is only seeing 1 card. From the CPU outwards, I have the cards plugged into slots 4, 6, 8. The only one working is in slot 8. Do these have to be placed in a specific order on the motherboard and if so what is it?


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