sgminer config changes and identifying the needed fields for other equihash coins

  • I've been mining with the base configs and wanted to try HUSH.

    HUSH's site shows and example:
    -zpool -zwal t1gUFb4za5jLvpjz7iRc3hPPcFySMdtkKYv.computer1 -zpsw x -allpools 1

    If I understand the config's correctly;
    sgminger.zcash.cong would start as :

    "name" : "PiMPtesting Zcash 1",
    "url" : "stratum+tcp://",
    "user" : "t1RhRUVnfomxUWiPjhjADkmGuoBtQSq75Zy.PimpWorker",
    "pass" : "x",

    I'd modify this to:

    "name" : "HUSH",
    5 "url" : "",
    6 "user" : ""my wallet".PimpWorker",
    7 "pass" : "x",
    8 "profile":"HUSH"

    Would this be correct?

    I trying to understand the required information needed from a pool miner and what it correlates to the field to be changed in the managed config's.

    Any direction? I've been pouring over the support forum and I'm not quite there, and example of a one to one change would be very enlightening, not being anything but a noob beginner.!!!!!!!!

  • Staff

    Yes you have the right idea. but this is still just using the equihash / zcash profile so don't change that line. Just change pool url and user and any other gpu params you need and see how that works for you. You should also be able to use other equihash miners like optiminer/claymore (amd) or ewbf (nvidia)

    Good luck!

  • OK, so I wouldn't change the "name : HUSH" or "Profile : HUSH" ?

    I take it you mean the "profile : ZCASH" , to leave it as is.

    Does the URL determine the type of coin with the address and port?

    Do you end up using the algo as a base and just change url and user to use the pre-set miners?

    Any place to get further info to understand this further?

    Thanks Melt!

  • you can create mutiple pools against multiple profiles. in this case a profile is the algo settings considering you tweak different algos accordingly. at the bottom of the file you call a "default-profile" which finds the settings for that algo, then it looks pools that have profile equalling the same name. so if you want to use hush you can but make sure you follow it from the bottom at default-profile, to that corresponding profile, then to the corresponding pool and make sure they all link up in the naming convention

  • Thanks, so what determines the coin you are mining for?

  • both the pool and the algorithmn. for instance Monero (XMR) uses the Cryptonight algo. So you need a miner using that algo and the according pool. you need to be careful that you make all these things work together. much like sending an ETH to a BTC wallet, the funds will be lost forever. you could be mining for days that seems like its working but if you arent seeing your hashpower being reflected in the pool dashboard, you might be doing nothing at all except use electricity and generate heat.

  • in the pre-loaded configs, do you change all the url and wallet address, or are these different examples

  • This post is deleted!

  • ??? deleted

  • sorry was confused with another thread. the example is showing you examples using real pools that miners commonly use. you could start there and try. however you need to visit that pool and read up on the "getting started" pages. some pools you need to create an account, some you dont. you'll need to learn about the pool itself.

    to answer your question directly, once done you need to update the wallet, username and password (assuming you are already looking at the pool you want to use in that profile).

    some pools use x as password. some use a email and a workerame. some put the worker name in the wallet address after a .

    just start with the getting started page on the pool you want and try from there. you can always let us know what pool you subscribed to and someone here has probably already used it.

  • thanks redfred5!


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