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Happy new year - Here's some big updates to start off 2020 Strong!

  • Staff

    Happy 2020 Miners!!!

    We are still here and happily coding away on big changes for 2020 that benefit the miners. Thank you for your support and as always, join our discord and tell us what you need.

    ALL Farm Admin options are now available to ALL PAID tiers!


    • Multi-User Support (Allow other users to View your Private farm, or Manage your farm)
    • Collasped and Compact views
    • Full web-interface config file editing, storage , and management system
    • Set farm/agent views to Private
    • Name your farm
    • see https://miner.farm/pricing for more details!

    Introducing Miner.farm Mondays!!!

    • Automated Releases every monday including:
    • Monday pimpups with all the miner updates from the past week
    • Monday updates to miner.farm web app
    • Miner.farm / PiMP Dev Team available for questions

    Miner.farm Updates for Jan 2020:

    Major updates to content and web servers system, kernel, and application packages.
    Major upgrades to graph rendering engine (Grafana) including several bug fixes.
    Fixed starring a farm when it doesn't have a name.
    Fixed some scaling/decimal issues on PoolView
    Fixed CPU counts greater than 20 on Farm view and Pool view.
    Fixed My Farms dropdown to show managed farms even if marked private.
    On farm admin > agents > for down rigs, Now Shows rig downtime counter like uptime counter instead of (Last reported info)
    Added Discord link to the Account Dropdown menu.
    Added on account page, add in title window OS keys (Click a key to clear from rig for new rig application)
    Removed 3.x pimp keys from account pages and subscription pages.
    Fixed compact view showed '0A' in the D column when a miner is stopped - now it correctly shows '0'
    Removed the GPU temps from the CPU miners lines in Compact view
    Added Dark mode to subscription page.
    Added ability to set the host baseline power usage for multiple agents using group control on the farm admin page.
    Added On Farm Admin > Agents > Group Control, allow option to select multiple agents and "Remove" from the farm.
    Fixed on Farm Admin -> Group Agent Control and Remove Agents modals -> show buttons as disabled if no agents selected

    More details: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/5803/miner-farm-changelog

    pimpup updates (all miners updated each week)

    software changes:

    More details: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/4/pimp-os-changelog

    Updated pimp-minerfarm agent service to accommodate changes to xmrig because xmrig unified their miners. actions are required to accommodate their new setup:

    • it now installs to /opt/miners/xmrig dir, with xmrig binary. This means you will have to edit or recreate your pcfg files to match the new setup (the stuff at the bottom has changed)
    • You will need to do pimp --delete and pimp --add to delete and re-add the miner profiles (this doesn't change the pcfgs)
    • xmrig profile numbers changed: 3151, 3152, 3153
    • details here: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/7953/xmrig-unified-new-profiles-changed-to-3151-3152-3153


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