Thank you all for being great miners , friends , admins

  • Hello Crypto world and PiMPs around the globe

    Welcome to the new year and what a year it has been.
    Pimp as a company came so far in the past year from being in the shadow of other Operating systems to what it has become today a full heavy full OS that kicks ass.

    This being said there have been many changes in the background of PiMP aswell.
    With the coming of a full support team , beta team ,upgrade to discord as a main chat medium and active forums.
    There have been a number of changes also in the Admin section of PiMP.

    With all this positive news it is with a heavy heart that I must take my leave from this crew.
    This choice has been made on my own after a month of putting things on a scale.
    I personally would like to end this on a positive note because I care much for the original crew and the work that has been done giving you guys one of the best choices a miner could need for there choice in what they want to run on there rig.

    Why would you leave is a question I got , well to answer that I need to disclose a bit of personal info.
    Last year was also a year that I changed my day job (yes all the work that has been done was besides this ) and also they offered me a study to follow, this next to the Family matters.
    As you can imagine this is more then a day holds in hours so every day was a tight squeeze.

    Last but never the less not least I would personally like to thank Melt and Lily for putting there trust in me and that we could lay the foundation to what pimp is today.

    I will NOT leave the crypto world and you can always contact me on the many places I have a presence in and who knows where the road takes me next it certainly is a great age to be a miner.

    discord dbct
    Linked in
    skype on request



  • I am very glad that I know you! Good luck in everything, buddy!

  • Thanks dbct!! We appreciate all of your help!

  • Support

    Thank you for everything dbct - yes who knows what good things are to come, and hears to the future! Best Louis

  • Appreciate the help and the support you have in the logs, best of luck in any new endeavours!

  • Man I am late to the party on this. I had wondered what happened to you dbct. I always appreciated you working with me on PiMP when I know how late it was and how half asleep you were most of the time. I really hope that you are successful in whatever life sends your way.

    Take care



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