PiMP server rx580 Nitro+ BIOS request (atiflash)

  • please can you helo choose best BIOS for RX580 Nitro+ Micron DDR using with atiflash -p .

    actual bios version:

    atiflash -ai
    Adapter 0 (BN=01, DN=00, PCIID=67DF1002, SSID=E3661DA2)
    Asic Family : Ellesmere
    Flash Type : M25P20/c (256 KB)
    Product Name : E366 Polaris20 XTR A1 GDDR5 256Mx32 8GB
    Bios Config File : 366R6MBU.Z48
    Bios P/N : 113-BE366EU-Z48
    Bios Version :
    Bios Date : 11/07/17 22:43
    ROM Image Type : Hybrid Images
    ROM Image Details :
    Image[0]: Size(59392 Bytes), Type(Legacy Image)
    Image[1]: Size(58880 Bytes), Type(EFI Image)

  • I use this resource to find the best BIOS https://anorak.tech/c/downloads


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