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Xmrig unified - new profiles changed to 3151/3152/3153

  • Staff

    step 1

    update the rig to latest pimpminers.conf from git,
    (is newer than the one available in the current public production pimpminers.conf deployed via pimpup) and then run pimpup using it:


    update to 20191222 or newer.

    step 2

    find the xmrig in the menu, the number might be different from 23, but the description should match. update xmrig using this pimpup. it should deploy to /opt/miners/xmrig/xmrig

    [23] (amd/cpu/nvi) xmrig: cryptonights [xmrig-*.pcfg]

    step 3 if you modified any of the xmrig pcfg's, back up them, you will have to restore the originals with the del command:

    del xmrig-cpu.pcfg; del xmrig-nvidia.pcfg; del xmrig-amd.pcfg

    step 4:

    add the xmrigs to your pimp --list (only the ones that you want, of course.)

    pimp --add 3151
    pimp --add 3152
    pimp --add 3153

    step 5:

    whatever they were added as, test them with pimp --test 4 for example for ID 4. you can get a list with pimp --list

    pimp --test 4

    step 6: watch the miner screen and report success or failure.

    we are looking for an accepted share for each of the 3 profiles. if you get accepted share, test passed.

    step 7:
    report results below


  • Beta Team

    3151 works perfectly. Cheers.


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