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Identifying GPU's, which is 0,1,2 etc

  • How do you know which GPU is which while you're troubleshooting individual problems?

  • You can use gputool --list command to see UUIDs of you cards. Disconnect one by one and memorize.

  • Thanks blackice!

  • just to add to this, is there a way to get more detailed information about the gpus? For instance the difference between a GTX 1070 from Asus or MSI? Ive mixed and matched both GTX 1070 and RX580s from different OEMs. It would be very useful if I could differentiate between them.

  • Hi,

    I'm also interested in this topic. As i have more than 15 rigs of 8 GPUs. Disconnecting and memorizing each of them is just not good for me.
    I used ethos distro before and was able to use a simple command to identify a GPU. For instance, I could stop the miner first, then run the "find-gpu" command for GPU1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8 etc. That would speedup the GPU fan so i could identify it on the motherboard.

    Is there any command with same behaviour on pimp? Or maybe i could switch on/off light to identify my GPU? But i could not find anything for AMD RX580.

    Any help?

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • If you upgrade to PIMP-2.5-ALL: RELEASED 20180210 then you will have that ability to identify your GPU's.

    PIMP-2.5-ALL: RELEASED 20180210
    Image only, not availabie via pimpup

    To get the "gputool --find [ID]" feature working you will have to upgrade to the latest PiMP image.

    Thanks for getting this out to us.

    I really hate to reimage to get this feature but the update apparently has a lot of useful upgrades in it. It just feels like starting all over again. Remove drive -- reflash, add your license details upload your saved "gpu-config.json" and customized .conf files - this makes this all seem so much more like a hobby than actually running a mining operation. Why isn't there a script that will back up all of this effort up into a package that you can simply apply to your newly flashed drive so that you are running again in minutes instead of an hour or more?


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