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Remote Login - Easy Question

  • Sup Pimps,

    Now that winter is here i fired up my mining rig since I use it to heat my apartment :P

    Good news is I am up and mining with no issues.

    Bad news is I am now unable to remote into my pimp miner. At the command prompt (remote machine) when I ssh 192.168.0.X it prompts me for a password but no login and password does not work. On the pimp miner I changed the password with passwd but that made no difference.

    If I try to use windows remote desktop connection which I normally do not use. It errors out with Cannot Connect.

    Any idea;s?

  • Staff

    Welcome back chad, Did you verify the IP address hasn't changed for your rig? You might not be connecting to the correct IP.

    2nd thing to try: ufw disable to turn the firewall off. Maybe you're being blocked from too many attempts.

    If all else fails you can always clear your key and install a fresh copy of the latest PIMP 2.15 (download from your miner.farm account page) and install it on the SSD.

  • Thank you,

    I got it sorted out. I needed to ssh x.x.x.x. -l root


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