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2019-11-05 Cryptopia.co.nz update email re: Liquidation of Cryptopia Limited

  • Staff

    Hi miners, Just wanted you to see a copy of an email received just now.

    from: no-reply@cryptopia.co.nz

    Dear Cryptopia Stakeholder,

    You are being emailed as part of the Liquidation of Cryptopia Limited.

    The liquidators have applied to the High Court of New Zealand for directions regarding the legal status of customer holdings and the ability to hold Cryptocurrency on trust. The Liquidators have asked the Court to appoint two Queen’s Counsel for these proceedings.

    The Court has approved the Queen’s Counsel appointment and service of this order must be effected by the liquidators sending an email with a link to these proceedings for all potential trust beneficiaries and creditors that Cryptopia held email addresses for.

    The Court orders and an update from the liquidators can be found at the link below:


    Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response.


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