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How to download/seed PiMP Torrent

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    Hey PiMPS! Something easy you can do to help other PiMPS get a fast download is by helping to seed the torrent. This is legal because the software is an official release copy provided by us.

    Seeding is where you leave your BitTorrent client open after you've finished your download to help distribute it (you distribute the file while downloading, but it's even more helpful if you continue to distribute the full file even after you have finished downloading). Chances are that most of the data you got was from seeds, so help give back to the community! It doesn't require much - the client will continue seeding until the torrent is removed (right click the torrent, then hit Remove).

    How to Torrent:

    1. Install a Torrent Client.

    There are a lot of bad ones out there. We recommend Deluge, uTorrent 2.2.1, or qBitTorrent. Follow their guide to install the client software. This software will register as the default app to open .torrent files, or at least, you want it to. Then, when you fetch a .torrent file in your browser, it will open your client and start the Download of the torrent from the other people seeding.

    1. Configure the Client.

    Most settings are OK for a PiMP OS release, but you may want to choose download location directory, and also increase the bandwidth limitations so you can seed till ya bleed!

    1. Login miner.farm and go to your miner.farm account page at https://miner.farm/account.

    2. View the PiMP OS downloads on the right section and click the .torrent file. It should open up and show in your torrent client software.

    3. When it finishes "Downloading" it will turn to "Seeding". Leave the program running and the machine on and it will be able to serve up bits to the other P:iMPs!

    4. When you no longer can seed, or need to remove the files, you can right-click and remove the torrent.


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