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Asrock H110 PRO Woes

  • I've got 5x Sapphire Nitro and 5x ASUS Rogs - all RX570s. After I place my 7th card, Ubuntu won't load since I guess the Gui craps out? Just gets stuck showing the IP address.

    Any suggestions for making Pimp work with this set up?

  • Hello @rorsch. The use of the motherboard for multi-gpu mining requires special settings. Try to check everything. https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/9/setting-up-motherboards-for-mining

  • Is there a simple way to stop PiMP from going straight to console? Testing I see them start mining but since Gui won't load - it dies. All video cards are seen in start up by bios. I think its going to need to go straight to terminal instead. Since this is modified OS, I want to do this as safe as possible without damaging changes the team made.

  • We recommend using SSH.

  • Yeah, I figured it out a few minutes ago. Killed modified grub. SSH in. Running. Thanks!

  • Has anyone managed to load the GUI with 7 or more GPU's?? I'm running fine on SHH but it's still buggin me.

  • I am running 10 on one system. It becomes more about power. If you are not connected properly, one underpowered GPU will take part or all of the chain out. Could be that 7 is too much for your PSU?

  • You might be onto something. I'll be upgrading the rig with a 1200w hp psu that will balance the power better. Will come back with a comment in this thread.

  • I have a dual PSU setup- 850w x 2 . This is keeping the ring running with 11 gpu's. I connected a 12th gpu to a third psu, and will work on the power setup in the coming days.

  • I have 2 rigs, one with 10 GPUs of a mix of NVIDIA and AMD. It has a 1500W and a 750W and I've used a killawatt on both PSUs to measure and balance the load. I literally have about 250W free out of 2250W total, so yours must be right on the very edge.

  • I am running 6 GPU's on an H110. After an hour or so, I lose 2 GPU's. I don't think my MOBO is functioning properly as my 1 x16 PCIe slot, and the 1st black PCIe-1 slot doesn't work. Anybody come across this issue on an H110 MOBO.

  • Update: I've added a 1U-1200w PSU .
    Running in total 2x 850 and 1x 1200w. Load is spread over the 3 PSU's.

    I'm still getting the same error when I'm trying to login via remote desktop.


  • cafraser57, when i have issues like this it is the riser power connectors acting up every time. I found after months of trial and error, that OC my cards (squeeze 30H/s for ethereum on an RX580) would work fine but it meant that I blew up or melted connectors on the PSU. I suggest to remove all the power cables and investigate. I learned that trying to power two risers with one 6-pin to SATA cable was too much with the OC. 2 would work stably for longer periods only with the OC backed down a fair amount.


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