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melt7777 Original PiMP Dev Crate Rig

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    Throwback thursday, you ain’t got nothing on me!
    This is the very rig that was used to develop BAMT 2.0x as well as all PiMP Classic versions!!!
    This rig is no longer in function. The crate is somewhere in the attic, and the rest of the parts were sold, except for the PSU! The PSU is the current pimp-ng dev rig. 🙂
    PiMP Rig #1: melt7777’s MULTI-ALGORITHM 2x XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation machine!
    As of 2014-08-06, this was cranking out 4000kh/s each!
    melt7777 is the PiMP bus driver, I mean team leader. He provides support in the #PiMP support channels on Freenode IRC, as well as on various forums.
    melt7777 has led the way in starting from BAMT support, to assembling an awesome team and developing PiMP release from the ground up as well as significant contributions to lily’s Linux-PoolManager especially in the theme features and testing.
    Scrypt was getting about 2.06MH/s total from the 3 card rig using a slight overclock, slight undervoltage, and a Pedestal Fan. This fan was chosen for high airflow and low power consumption due to its capacitive motor.
    Current testing with PiMP beta is bringing in a slightly higher hashrate, about 4000kh/s each card, due to the newer PiMP with the latest sgminer and 14.6 Catalyst drivers. added a GridSeed Mini for 300kh/s Scrypt (basically for testing purposes. Yes, Plug, config, mine with PiMP meant from boot to earning in about 15 minutes.) Right now just added a GAW Black Widow for some Scrypt juice, instead of the GridSeed. Will post more on that later.
    PiMP Version:
    2x XFX Radeon HD 7970 Double Dissipation
    1.5.6 AMD-13.12
    ASRock Extreme4 970 AM3+
    EVGA 1000 P2
    1-16x powered ribbons
    Why did you switch to PiMP?
    BAMT was no longer worth using and we all deserved better.
    What do you like best? least?
    My team and my community of PiMPs that make mining a joy instead of a curse.
    Why did you donate to PiMP?
    The community was crying out for something better. And the community is providing it.
    What do you think of the way we develop and add features?
    It is insanity. We have to be on our game 24/7.


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