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Updating ccminer using pimpup

  • Hi,
    I ran pimpup and chose to update ccminer: multialgo. pimpup reported 'Success', but when I went to the /opt/miners/ccminer directory, the only file dated today was the *.tgz for the miner. I tried to manually run ccminer, but it complained about not being able to load libcudart.so.10.1. So I'm guessing pre-reqs are not installed by pimpup? I've started down the road of updating to the latest NVIDIA toolkit to get this new CUDA library, but once I solved that problem, ccminer complained about not being able to find another shared library. Is all of the above expected behavior? I have PiMP os 2.4.1. Thanks.

  • Support


    PiMP v2.4.1 is very dated. Is there any reason why you can't update to v2.8.6 or v2.9.7? These versions have the most up to date drivers, libraries, and kernel already integrated.

    pimpup will only update the miners and PiMP tools... To upgrade the OS, you'll need to download the image file from your Miner.Farm account and flash it to your rig.

  • Support

    Also, feel free to join us on the PiMP Discord channel for real-time support. There's almost always someone from the Support Team there to help.

  • Hi, how does one get around the problem of browsers not understanding the discord:// URL? Also, I upgraded my PiMP OS, but when I enter my key at initial boot, the validation fails due to "Max agents added to key". What caused this and how can I reduce the number of agents? Thanks.

  • I figured out the problem with the key, thanks.

  • Staff

    Hey jbielski, hope you like the improvements in the newer versions! Thanks for letting us know you got validated.

    Once you get up and running, show off your rig! Post some cool rig pics on the "Showcase" https://forum.getpimp.org/category/12/rig-showcase


  • I like the new version quite a bit better melt, I should have upgraded a lot sooner.

  • Staff

    Thanks - I am glad that you did. If you like playing with the latest and greatest, and enjoy learning stuff, we're always looking for more folks to join the pimp beta team!

    Takes just a minute answering a couple questions at https://getpimp.org/beta

    Either way, hope the updates bring you a few more coins!


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