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Finding license key, computer wont boot properly

  • Im trying to find out what license key i use on a rig. The rig does not boot properly and once inside the os the normal dashboard and command window will not show. Not even mouse or keyboard will work. So i cant find the key by using normal means. Now, what do i do? I would like to reinstall the os and try and fix the problem that way. And a key would really help when i reinstall everyting.

    I have the key in my mail, i just dont know which it is...

    Any ideas?

  • Staff

    Hello hakan. Thanks for using pimp!

    Try SSHing into the box, and running the pimpkey command.

    You can also login to your miner.farm account for the following options:

    • click "Admin" on the right to go to Farm Admin page, click on the rig, and you should see its key.
    • click your email in the top right and click Account settings, to view all your pimp keys and the transaction log for the account.

    You could always re-write the image to the rig's SSD using the Guide in the Getting started section, and then re-validate the key the same way using SSH - you just have to clear the key in miner.farm first. (From the above, click the key and click clear.)

    Hope this helps!

  • Hello, SSH-into the rig wont work since i cant see what IP it gets at boot. When trying the Farm-idea i cant find a menu option for that. Very strange.

  • Support

    Check your router's logs and/or DHCP tables and you should be able to identify the IP address being assigned to your PiMP rig.

    You can also use network scanning apps like in the below link.



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