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Rebooting in verified mode, then nothing happened

  • I entered my key successfully then it said rebooting in verified mode, then nothing happened. Is there something I need to do or should I just start over at imaging the SSD?

  • Staff

    It rebooted. Connect again using SSH, or power cycle the rig and watch what it does to get more information.

  • I power cycled and the moo bios would come up then nothing. So I re imaged the SSD with Etcher, cleared my key on Miner Farm, rebooted and input my key again. Same thing this time. Says it's rebooting in verified mode then I let it sit for 30 minutes and nothing happened. I power cycled and get the same results. BIOS screen then nothing after.

  • Mobo BIOS*

  • Staff

    Try using HDDRawcopy tool, or dd, like the guides show you in Writing the Image.

  • I'm imaging on a Mac so can't use HDDRawcopy or dd, I'll try it with terminal and see if I get a different outcome.

  • Staff

    Of course you can use dd. In your welcome email, you saw this link, please have a look now and give it a try: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/13/how-to-write-the-pimp-os-image-using-linux-or-mac-osx

    dd is the best way.

  • Yes, that's what I did, imaged it using Terminal. Entered my key again, said it was booting and then same thing. Nothing is happening. I'll wait another 10 minutes then try to power cycle again.

  • Staff

    Can you provide the make/model of motherboard, GPU, and riser?
    Have you tried with only one GPU? With/without riser? Did you configure bios settings, update bios, and enable CSM Legacy boot? What version of PIMP?

  • ASUS B250 Motherboard
    3x 1070ti GPU's hooked up with Leboo risers
    I haven't tried with only one GPU, I can re image again and try that.
    I have the risers hooked up right now, I'll try with just one GPU and riser.
    BIOS is updated to newest version.
    I configured the BIOS from the instructions here:
    I'll go into BIOS and double check CSM Legacy boot.
    Version 2.9.7 of PIMP.

    I'll check the BIOS, re image, and try with just one GPU then post what happens.

  • Checked all changes with BIOS, left one GPU with riser connected, re imaged the SSD twice now and the PIMP screen to input the key doesn't even come up. I'll try reimagine again, later. Four days I've been trying to get this to work, not sure what the problem is.

  • Staff

    Try this B250-specific guide - https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/5076/asus-b250-mining-expert-bios-settings-pimp-os-v2-6
    all your components are known good with PIMP so it has to be a faulty part or a configuration issue - also, you could try PIMP 2.8.6 and see how that works, But it sounds like a motherboard setting issue.

  • I set the motherboard up according to that link before I started trying to load PIMP. I checked all configurations and all are the exact same as the link you sent.

    I re imaged using Terminal, rebooted and the BIOS comes up, then nothing.
    I checked all connections-all good.
    I flashed the BIOS to the newest version (1207) again and re configured the settings again according to the link in your above post.
    I re imaged using Terminal-Terminal indicated it was successful. I rebooted, same issue. BIOS comes up, then nothing.
    I re imaged using Etcher, which worked before to allow me to input my key but would not boot after that. I rebooted, same issue as above. BIOS comes up, then nothing.
    I re imaged using PIMP 2.8.6 (which I haven't tried yet) and got the same results. BIOS comes up, then nothing.
    I re imaged using Etcher to see what would happen, same results. BIOS comes up, then nothing.

    All parts are new, do not expect a faulty part to be the issue. I configured all BIOS settings to the link above. I re imaged using different techniques and now can't even get the PIMP key input screen to come up. Starting to feel like PIMP just isn't going to work for me.

  • I'm having issues getting this mobo to work. I configured all settings according to this post. Initially I would get the PIMP key input screen, input my key, then would get the message that it would reboot in verified mode. But then nothing would happen. I did this several times.

    I tried starting over from scratch, reflashed to newest BIOS, change all settings, re imaged the SSD, and now my BIOS screen will come up then nothing after that. After every fail I would check BIOS settings, re image SSD, then retry. Probably a dozen or more tries now. I tried the older version of PIMP and am getting the same results. All new parts. Any ideas?

  • (Duplicate post moved to this topic)
    There's nothing more to add besides the known-good processes that work. Your hardware is known-good with PIMP - not sure what is going wrong, or is unique in your setup but perhaps you could Join Discord and have some more hands-on help?

    if you cannot even boot the OS, must be hardware - please come for help. thanks

  • Thanks for trying to figure it out with me. I switched the motherboard to an MSI H310-F PRO. I planned on building two rigs, so I though I would try it out on this one since I couldn't get the other one to work.

    I set up the BIOS according to the the instructions here:

    Wrote the SSD with Terminal on my Mac according to the instructions here:

    Ejected the SSD, then unmounted. Booted up and came to the PIMP screen to input my key. I input my key and was given the "rebooting in verified mode" message. I waited 20 minutes, nothing happened again. Just a blank screen.

    Power cycled and checked BIOS settings again, then reimaged the SSD and rebooted. Again put in my key and got the "rebooting in verified mode" message.

    Still nothing, blank screen. I'm using a completely different mother board now and getting the same results. Maybe it's the way the image is written? Here are my commands in Terminal:
    MacBook-Pro:~ dep$ sudo dd if=Desktop/pimp-2.9.7.img of=/dev/disk1 bs=4m
    3818+1 records in
    3818+1 records out
    16013942784 bytes transferred in 214.487365 secs (64293627 bytes/sec)
    MacBook-Pro:~ dep$ diskutil unmount /dev/disk1

    I've also imaged using Etcher with the same results.

  • Whoever can help me figure this out earns the lifetime best friend award.

  • Support

    You'll need to join our Discord channel where we can provide a more real-time kind of support.

  • I tried joining, when I hover over the "Join Now" link it says "This server cannot generate invite codes due to a misconfiguration."

  • Staff

    Hey, so sorry, buddy, the discord.me website changed and required more information. We've fixed it up, thanks for reporting that! You could also try this link: https://discord.gg/grCbFsA

    Thanks :)


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