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Broometech's Little Project

  • Beta Team

    Hi guys. Thanks to the team at PiMP, i'm up and running. Couldn't have done it without them! Thanks again!! :)
    Running MSI B360-F Pro Mining Boards, single 16gb RAM sticks, 120gb SSD's, i3 8100's and MSI RX570 4gb Armor OC cards. I know it's overkill, but best to be just idling away and not straining anything, plus, I'll get the CPU's mining something soon too.
    I've edited this, and will again if I change anything, but thought i'd put a progress line up. I had to space the cards a little more to get a more even heat between them. Also had to replace the cheap crappy risers with better ones. Lesson learnt. I had some requests for newer and close-up pics, so even added some nighttime ones. Oh, and the "Armor wall".. I have sun hitting that wall of the shed. The boxes made great insulation (and I think it looks pretty cool :)). 20190712_111801_resized.jpg 20190712_111737_resized.jpg 20190712_111716_resized.jpg 20190712_111653_resized.jpg20190717_105223_resized.jpg 20190804_172605_resized.jpg 20190804_172616_resized.jpg 20190804_172631_resized.jpg 20190804_172644_resized.jpg 20190717_104626_resized.jpg 20190801_204955_resized.jpg 20190804_173257_resized.jpg 20190804_173315_resized.jpg

  • Staff

    Wow very clean and detail oriented build! Love the labels :)

    How is the KVM switch working out for you?

  • Beta Team

    @melt Thanks mate. 😊. Yeah, ocd kicks in and it takes longer to do things, but they're usually done pretty right (aka overkill)..Lol. KVM switch works a treat. It auto switches if I reboot a rig, and 1 press to change rigs and view/control any of them. All HDMI, so pretty neat. Might rearrange a little when I have a couple free days... add another rig and space the cards a little more. I'll post pics if I do. 👍😎

  • Beta Team

    All done as above. I've been told I need to "PiMP it" now.. so stay tuned!! It's happening!!! :):)

  • Staff

    I love the night time pics most of all :)


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