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Setting up a VLAN

  • Hi!

    This is my first post. My mining rig is using PIMP OS and uses the public WIFI to connect to the internet. The WIFI is proving to be unreliable.

    So I've set up a VLAN in my netgate firewall. I've connected the VLAN directly to my rig's NIC.

    I'm using an onboard NIC provided by the Biostar BT250 BTC motherboard.

    Can anyone provide any pointers on how to configure PIMP OS accept VLAN traffic?


  • Support

    Hello stephen_chan,

    PiMP OS is known for its stability and reliability and this is why WiFi is not recommend for mining rigs.

    With that said, I'll admit that I am running my Beta rig on WiFi. LOL

    As for your VLAN request: I am not well versed in it enough to help you directly. What I can do is point you in the right direction.

    PiMP OS (v2.8.6+) is based upon Ubuntu v18.04, where networking is configured via NETPLAN, so this link should help you get your VLAN setup. https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-bionic-netplan

    Happy Mining, PiMP!

  • Staff

    Hello stephen_chan and welcome to mining. We're sure glad you found us.

    I think maybe we are hearing the wrong terminology. So, all you should have to do is plug the ethernet LAN cable from one of your router's regular ethernet ports to the port on your motherboard. Biostar 250 LAN NIC is supported.

    I don't think you want to configure a VLAN - if you do, that's non-specific to us, simply configure the PIMP OS client according to the needs of your network.

    VLAN is using subnetting and other settings to put your rig on a different sub-network segment of your LAN. This is fairly advanced and can be done using standard guides.

    Configuring the network on the PIMP OS is done using regular Ubuntu tools. We have guides for both network setup and for firewall setup:

    Configuring Network:


    Configuring Firewall:


    Beyond that, you would use best practices for your network architecture and equipment. We don't have specific information on that.


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