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Product Requirements and Limitations

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    General requirements:

    • Basic understanding of computers: how to use the command line.
    • If you want to mine to your own wallets, you must have wallet addresses for the crypto currencies that you want to mine. You will need to paste/type your wallet addresses into the PiMP conf files to mine to them. For more information on making and using crypto wallets, check out our blog article.

    Minimum hardware requirements:

    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
    RAM: 2 GB (64-bit)
    SSD/HDD: 16 GB or greater (USB flash drives no longer supported)
    Network connection: Ethernet recommended (Wifi not supported, see limitation #4 below.)

    For GPU Mining:
    Graphics card: 1-7 (recommended max is 6 for stability) Supported NVIDIA or AMD GPUs Listed on PiMP OS product page (Not required for CPU/ASIC mining.)

    Current known limitations of PiMP:

    • You can no longer use a USB stick for PIMP. This is due to new miner softwares’ requirements.

    • CURRENTLY Z170/Z270 boards may not function with 5+ GPUs connected - we are working on this - we have some leads.

    • Some miners do not have any API or API documentation and we cannot get some of the information from them about hashrates, fan temps, etc. One example is per-device Accepts we cannot get from some of the miners. Currently we have to parse logs to get the hashrate and other information from the miner since the authors do not provide the needed functions. Also, we are in the process of improving the data gathering all the time, please make sure you pimpup to the latest version before going for support.

    • You cannot use VPNs that block access to PiMP and Minerfarm servers. (We need a route to the server. This would be up to you to configure.) We highly recommend turning VPN off for the Key Verification step.

    • Wifi for verification is notoriously difficult. While we provide rescue shell to get networking up for verification, it is recommended to run an Ethernet cable to the rig for daily use, and especially for the key verification part. Further, Wireless connections may not have the performance needed for good mining hashrates and good connectivity and accurate stats collection.


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