Cannot Boot : Mount: mounting /dev/ on /root/dev/ failed: No such file or directory

  • I am very new to cryptocurrency and even more so mining

    I downloaded the and used both DMDE and HDDRAW Copy and cannot get the image to boot

    I have a Crucial_CT525MX SSD Drive that I am moving the image over too.

    Also, I am running a dual boot setup (1st SSD for personal and 2nd SSD for minning with PIMP OS)

    Any thoughts or guidance will be greatly appreciated? Below is a picture of the exact error I get using both applications to move the image over


  • @blackice I tried using both tools in on the link and still the same issue. I checked windows with the "mountvol" tool and it showed the disk as unmounted once the image carried over using both tools

  • I saw such error one guy who forgot to extract the image from the downloaded zip archive. Check it one more time.

  • @blackice I extracted the files to a folder on desktop, and then loaded the followed the instructions below (done it several times, with different downloads)

    I also tried the two different download options on my dashboard, and formatted the disk before each time and verified the disk was unmounted
    I am at a lost to what the issue could be.....

  • Staff

    This is the process that has worked for over 5 years, to all media... You could also try booting to a linux live usb with the img on it and using dd method...

  • what o/s are you using to write the initial img to the ssd? if its osx, we've confirmed that the default archive utility doesnt image correctly. try windows and 7zip.

  • @redfred5 I am using Windows 10 64bit and for the extraction, I have been using WINRAR

    I will try 7zip though and see if I get a different result

  • shouldnt be a problem then. ive managed to install using two different ssds. one thing i wonder if could be relevant is that in my bios i make sure hotswap is turned off on my sata ports. i feel like autodismount of drive may have something to do with bad image writing on ssds.

  • @redfred5 Hey, I sorry for being MIA but I even tried to disable secure boot on asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 and still the same issue.

    Do you think this could be a board configuration issue?

  • have you tried different drives to write to to make sure the ssd isnt bad? ive been through a few myself, one that was previously work is now not.

    you can also try which seems to be a better write utility than HDD copy


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