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miner.farm Subscriptions

  • "You currently have a subscription transaction pending. Please wait until it completes before submitting another."

    I need help to solve the problem in my subscriptions. since I subscriptions I couldn't to use my miner.farm.

  • Staff

    Hello, sorry for the trouble you are having.

    We switched off of the Paypal Recurring-style subscriptions in December.

    Now you can renew using our custom cart, which gives you more flexibility:

    • Login Paypal and cancel the recurring subscription.
    • Then go back to miner.farm and add time to your subscription.

    If, after completing these 2 steps, you have further issues, please contact us via discord or email and provide farmer # so we may look into it.

  • hi
    I haven't done any payment with my pay-pal and there are no " Recurring-style subscriptions" for pimp su.bscriptions


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