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Info about PCIe Splitters

  • Staff

    Some commentary about the use of PCIe Splitters from our discord. Thanks!!


    Splitters (multiplexers, etc..) are used to make up for "missing" PCIe slots, not lanes. PCIe lanes are fixed and cannot be changed. Use of the P106-100's (and only on motherboards that support it) is the only way around the PCIe lane limits.


    all depends what you wanna mine I suppose, and how long you wanna wait to get mining
    you have to move data to the cards, and things like eth, you pay for that on start. Things like cryptoknight, you pay for it constantly.
    i find when I bring a cryptoknight miner up on cards behind a PCIe bridge, my rates are about the same as the math says it would be if I bridge 1 lane into 4, IE each card gets about 25% what it would have if it was in the slot alone. Its actually a bit worse, cause the bridge injects some extra bytes to block the messages to each lane its creating on the other side. Overhead and protocol costs... shrug. Plus, when you need todo updates and changes, you have to take the whole server offline anyhow. No way to rolling restart if you put it all on one board. Shrug. Easier imho to test new releases, play with new drivers, etc, when you spread things a bit wider with more rigs vs so many cards per rig.


    in our testing we found that those pci splitters cause more problems than they solve, by reducing the stability of the system, and do not allow hashing certain algos, like cryptonight

    Hope this helps you!


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