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How I got the MSI Z370 SLI PLUS mining for 6-8 AMD GPU’s

  • Staff

    How I got the MSI Z370 SLI PLUS mining for 6 GPU’s and upto 8. These were my steps in installing one AMD RX470 and6 AMD RX580 GPU for a total of seven.


    If you have already tried different BIOS settings without success....it’s best to start with complete default BIOS.

    To do this first be sure the MOBO is unplugged from the wall,no GPU's installed, no network cable connected and pull thecmos battery (preferably using gloves) for a few minutes.Replace the battery.

    Connect a DVI cable to the MOBO to a suitable monitor.

    I used a DVI cable connection to the motherboard for video, and kept it there for the whole process, ....​ I’m not sure about using an hdmi cable​. Also, be sure you're using the latest MSI BIOS


    if you’re not on the latest...the first step is to boot to the BIOS, using “delete” key during start. You’ll see this screen....with M-Flash in the bottom left.

    Here's a video how to flash your bios:

    Youtube Video


    ​It will go through it’s process, after updating return to thebios screen.Next we want to set a few things.


    Go to settings advanced , before you’ve added any GPU’s leavethe “Above 4G memory”​ disabled​​ for now but set the others to [Gen1].

    Next let’s be sure our Advanced/Integrated Graphics appears as shown. As we proceed with installing cards and checking BIOS before each reboot,you will come and be sure this doesn’t change.


    Next set Advanced/Power Management Setup as shown


    And finally since PIMP OS is a based on a Linux distro we need to makethe settings in Advanced/Windows OS Configuration.Leave the MSI Fast boot enabled if you like.


    We’re now ready to shutdown, unplug the power and install one GPU.Plug back up the power and let’s boot.As you go past the BIOS screen, you’ll see this:


    And then, after validation, assuming you have correctly done your PIMP OS image, This....


    Now is a good time to run pimp --test a preconfigured miner...I usedPimp --test 1031. This will mine using the PIMP OS settings.Let it run a few minutes and run pimp --stop.

    Shutdown the rig, unplug from the wall, install a GPU. Plug back in the wall, hit the power button and follow the steps above....testing the miner as you go.

    After you get the THIRD card installed and PIMP OS booted and tested...Do a restart, enter the BIOS and now we will take care of the final step.

    Remember the BIOS is counting the on board video as a GPU, at this pointyou have it as GPU 0, and three GPU cards in risers.... so you will crashIf you add the fourth card without doing the next step.

    Advanced/PCI Subsystem settings....enable “above 4G memory”.But DO JUST exit BIOS as it will play a trick on you. See Pictures:


    After you enable 4G....you’ll see this when you go to close the BIOS to save:


    You will need to go back and ​undo​​ the changes the BIOS did for you.The windows fast boot, the Windows 10 WHQL Support, the PCH Genswitch to auto and the Integrated Graphics Share Memory .

    Now when you “Save configuration and exit” ...you’ll be left with Above 4Gmemory enabled.Let it boot on the three cards.....

    don’t get excited if you see this flash by.....


    Go ahead and do a miner test again....shut down, unplug from the wallAnd install the fourth card. Boot it all back up to PIMP OS....test the miner...

    I used 1103 every time....repeat shut down,unplug and as you install each one of your additional cards.

    Remember test, shutdown, unplug install one GPU.When you get them all you’re ready to move on with mining your choices.

    Word of caution....if you do plug into GPU 1 for video, you’ll see this


    Thanks to the anonymous PIMP who contributed this guide!


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