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Short key not updating in miner- farm? Long key is updating ?

  • bolded text
    When updating the Farm keys my short key does not change but the long key updates. So when updating pimp
    I get a invalid key ?

  • Staff

    In general the short key is per customer and the long key is per farm.

    To fully answer you, I would need more information:

    Are you updating your miner.farm API keys? Or are you trying to validate PiMP OS key? They are handled differently.


  • updating the farm API keys as I get a error in pimp and stats not showing up in the farm.

  • Staff

    Once you get the keys you copy and paste them from your miner.farm Farm Admin page to the rig. You can do this via SSH with the command:

    minerfarm -s SHORTKEYHERE -l LONGKEYHERE and thats a lowercase L for Long.

    For a video walk through, check out the hot newpimp video aka the 1-2-3 setup video. How to setup miner and mine! https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/15/quickstart-guide

  • now for some reason all pimp commands are not working..
    it even refuses a ssh connection,.
    So a reformat is in order.

  • Staff

    Sorry to hear that Skip, but let us know how you get on afterward. Run a helpme and have a look at the information there and see if you see any errors.

  • ok Melt I reformated and install my key and rebooted everything ok
    Installed miner api keys ok there also
    did a pimpup ok
    tried to update miner t-rex (11)
    no go and then after that no pimpup or any pimp commands working
    Update miner "t-rex"? Y/n Y
    ======= Starting update for t-rex
    print() on closed filehandle $logfileh at (eval 2) line 789, <> line 3.
    Source type is: binary
    -> Downloading https://update.getpimp.org/pimpup/miners/t-rex-v0.9.2-pimp2.8.tgz to /opt/miners/t-rex
    Can't exec "/bin/sh": Input/output error at (eval 2) line 301, <> line 3.
    -bash: /opt/minerfarm/minerfarm_svc: Input/output error
    -bash: awk: command not found
    -bash: cat: command not found
    [09:51 PM][Uptime: ][root@(]
    [/root]:# pimpup
    -bash: /opt/pimp/pimpup: Input/output error
    -bash: /opt/minerfarm/minerfarm_svc: Input/output error
    -bash: awk: command not found
    -bash: cat: command not found
    [09:52 PM][Uptime: ][root@(]
    [/root]:# pimpup
    -bash: /opt/pimp/pimpup: Input/output error
    -bash: /opt/minerfarm/minerfarm_svc: Input/output error
    -bash: awk: command not found
    -bash: cat: command not found

  • Staff

    Definite disk failure, this is why i wanted to view the helpme report. Replace the SSD with a fresh SSD with a fresh image. Don't forget to clear your rig count from your pimp 2.x key in miner.farm account page first.

  • ok have to go to store...U have a preferred brand and size ?

  • Staff

    Cheap 120GB are what most folks are using, it's hard to come by the Samsung 16GB ones that I prefer. TEAM, Kingston, Sandisk are all in use by pimps.
    $20-25 is the price point.

    I usually buy on eBay/Amazon/Newegg, but if you need a store, you could swing anything comparable, here is a Best Buy example for $25.
    Here's an Example from Best Buy https://www.bestbuy.com/site/pny-120gb-internal-sata-solid-state-drive/5900260.p?skuId=5900260

  • Thanks for the links, you are going overboard on support..
    We have a local micro center in Cincinnati Ohio. Good prices.
    I'll get one tomorrow.

  • Staff

    MicroCenter is fantastic - I just got a HP ProBook G5 there after 3 days of good shopping. It's 1080p, lightweight, and has much firmer keys that you dont get on the consumer laptops. Have spent tens of thousands at my Microcenter. They are also really good for mobo+cpu deals - but never ever use their "Inland" brand accessories - had a bad time with some of their stuff before.

    Good luck!

  • Glad you said something about Inland ! their 120gb ssd has the highest tbw at 75, Crucial and kingston are 40 TBW on specs I would of gone with the Inland
    But I think a crucial bx500 would be the best as it has a higher Heat range. at 22.00 its a deal...
    will let you know when I'm up again with Pimp.

  • Staff

    Excellent - glad to hear you're back on track and getting going today. Come join us in the Discord chat!

  • everything is working fine now.. Made 4 profiles that are working at a good hash rate...
    I do have a problem trying to get mona coin working, I believe it needs the newest lyra2rev2 as they just changed it.

    Thanks for the help on the learning curve.

  • Staff

    Monacoin is supported by sgminer-gm and ccminer, using the lyra2v2 algorithm.

    Here is an example of mining using the default MONA profile in ccminer.multi.pcfg (profile 2101).

    As you can see here we added the profile, then edited the ccminer.multi.pcfg to # comment out the existing profile, and then remove the # to uncomment the first MONA example.

    Then we tested the miner and watched the miner's screen.


    In this screen we can see it start, connect to the correct pool, correct algo, and it sees the 1060 in there. Then we see a few accepted shares, and we know it's working.


    Then i look on miner.farm and I see the stats are correct:


    Note, this is Farm View, in Dark Mode, with Compact view selected. Your plan may vary.


    Appears to be working properly in this case. Please let us know if you need any further help!


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