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Network connectivity.

  • Has anyone seen where the eth0 has an IP and is alive but first boot keeps prompting saying something is wrong.. I can ping out I can hit via dns name still keeps checking for connectivity and fails.

  • Staff

    Hey jcarpenter!

    Sorry for the trouble you are having - In that case simply SSH the key in as normal and it should come back in the Desktop / verified mode.

  • @melt Tried that key wont verify, It's weird. Going to try re-Image with 2.8 Back in touch in a bit.
    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Same issue only now looks like it is assigning IP6 address to the adapter.

  • Staff

    Haven't heard about IPv6 issue before - are you sure you have "Network Stack" ENABLED in the BIOS? You need to have that.

    Do you have link lights?

    Did you try going into chat or rescue shell for troubleshooting? Maybe you could get to the shell and do: ip addr to get your IPv4 address, then ssh the key in, ping the rig from your workstation, or something like that. Feel free to jump into Discord for more real-time help!

  • Got it working, Not sure what I did. Network stack was enabled. Loaded 2.6 booted. changed ip address to static. Then did what you said & ssh to it to activate the key. Working now. Struggling with getting the fans set & tweaking the Nvidia cards but will work through that. Thanks for your insight Melt.

  • Staff

    Hey, great work!

    We do recommend using PIMP 2.8.6 image - as some miners will no longer work with the drivers in PIMP 2.6. That being said, if your preferred miner works great, then you should be okay.

    For nvidia cards, you use gputool to configure the fans and clocks. Essentially, just do nano gpu-config.json and be careful of your commas.

    Overclocking and fan controls for Nvidia/AMDGPU are done using gputool. Here is the post guide for gputool: https://forum.getpimp.org/topic/31/gputool-how-to-overclock-nvidia-and-amd-gpus

    Note: Fixed fan speed keeps fans living longer than using variable temp targets, in my opinion.

    Great work so far and glad to see the fast progress!


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