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GPU's list

  • Hi All..
    Can anyone point me to where I can find a list of all GPU's that can be used?

    thanks & regards

  • Staff

    Yes, the product page where you bought PIMP lists this: https://getpimp.org/shop/pimp :)

  • thank you!

  • So I take it that the Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 wont work too well? - just that I can get my hands on a few of them cheap

  • Staff

    That card is over 10 years old (7 card generations or more) and is no longer profitable to use for mining. They are cheap because they have lived their useful life. Right now the sweet spot is still NVIDIA GTX 10x0 and AMD 570/580.

  • Staff

    Hello manuk08,

    Here's the thing... In order to GPU mine, we need three things to "fall into place".

      1. We need Linux (PiMP OS in our case) to be able to see the hardware.
      1. We the video drivers (AMD or nVidia) to be able to communicate with the GPU's.
      1. We need mining software (Claymore, Ethminer, Cryptodredge, etc...) to be able to run their code on the GPU's.

    The first two are pretty easy and I'm almost sure those old GPU's will pass on. The one that's going to kick you is number 3. Along with adding new features and hardware support to their mining software, miner Dev's are also known to remove support for outdated hardware.

    In your case, my best guess, is that PiMP OS and the video drivers will detect and see those old GPU's, but when it comes to mining, you won't be able to find a miner that can use them.

  • that's why then!! thank you very much for your help - just want to start in a small way before I start spending on the good stuff. I'm going to
    start building a small rig tonight. thanks again to Melt & yourself.

  • Staff

    Right on!

    Also, feel free to join us on the PiMP Discord channel. You can get real-time support or just hang out and talk crypto. https://discord.gg/grCbFsA

  • Staff

    If you want to play around first, you can use PIMP 1.9 with those 7970s and maybe try mining cryptonight variants using teamredminer ... As long as you dont get frustrated you could potentially mine something :) See you in the discord - and thanks Doc and manuk08


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