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Altcoin Forecast - What is your favorite upcoming coin and why?

  • Staff

    Anyone have a particular altcoin thats a great choice to point our rigs at?

    How do you pick the coins that you mine?

    What are you mining today? What do you see coming that is worth the rig time?

  • Staff

    I look at what hashrate and power use is, then plug the numbers into cryptocompare mining calculator. I will check for ZEC, XMR, ETH and switch among those 3, although there are more profitable coins in the short term and I hope to see better answers here soon! :)

  • My nvidias likes ZCoin (XZC). This coin has risen in price 10 times in a month and a half, and cards on the lyra2z algo consume 2 times less energy and less are heated.


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