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What is an ICO and what can i do with it?

  • hello all you pimps

    recently i heard more and more chatter going about on ICO's the crowd funded side of the coins.

    ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering.

    as a stepping stone lets place some cool links that are good for everyone to understand what they are and what we can do with them.

    lets start with this one


  • Thanks for posting DBCT! This looks awesome.

  • ICOs are the latest way people scam you out of your money. Be very careful when dealing with any of them, especially since they are illegal or being made illegal all over the world right now.

  • @brsm This is definitely good to be aware of. What are some ways that people can verify that an ICO isn't a scam? What are the red flags to look for?

  • ICO's can be a scam but then again wallstreet IPO's new companies everyday. What because a company files a a couple SEC forms and gets approved to go public makes them legit? Look at Snap Chat, Blue Apron, Shyft Pixy, all huge tech companies that IPO this year and have taken people money and continue to do so with nothing but losses. Those are the real scams. Don't even get me started on Alibaba or Amazon those companies stocks trade at 60+ times the companies earnings. ICO's in my opinion are just like stocks. I actually like the idea of ICO's. It is taking the power away from the government and putting it in the hands of ordinary people. Exactly what cryptocurrency is all about. We shouldn't have to pay wall street banks and regulators to buy shares in public companies. I'm all for ICO's


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