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9th 1070 GPU in Asus B250 mines but throws errors...

  • My rig: 9 x nVidia 1070s, mixed GPU vendors, in an Asus B250 mobo, running PIMP 2.8.6, all 9 GPUs mining w/ethminer.

    I get errors when trying to "gputool --config"
    =<begin snip>=========
    GPU 8: ! Unable to init server: Could not connect: Connection refused
    ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run
    /usr/bin/nvidia-settings --help for usage information.
    =<end snip>=========

    as well as when i do a "watch -n 10 /opt/pimp/gputool --status --terse"

    =<begin snip>=========
    ERROR: Unable to find display on any available system
    <repeated multiple times, but the last line of output shows that it accepted the power setting and fan speed, but not mem/cpu clocking>
    =<end snip>=========

    I followed Doc's B250 mobo setup guide and was hashing nicely w/8 x 1070s but got a larger PSU to accomodate my 9th GPU slotted in the mobo, other 8 sitting up in miner frame. The cards are hashing nicely @ 30ish MH w/exception of the 1 acting up and not accepting cpu/mem clocking and throwing those errors, it hashes at stock 26ish MH but funny it accepts the power and fan settings. This has persisted across a few reboots. I'm including a couple screenshots as it's kinda weird, the gputool outputs complain about GPU8, whereas ethminer sees gpu2 as the one not clocked right and hashing as stock speeds. I have no monitor plugged in to mobo or any of the GPUs.

    Thanks for any ideas =)

    gputool --config output.png
    watch gputool --status --terse output.png

  • "helpme" output @
    what a killer tool =)

    I edited out entries in startup.sh and removed crontab entries so I could run them manually while I was trubbleshuutin



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