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Great product - First time use - issues and features

  • Beta Team

    Hello team.

    I was referred by Eketubol, one of your Beta tester.

    Great product so far. Installed PimpOS and updated it. No issues.
    Dell Inspiron 660. RTX 2080 (not TI).

    The following is my experience so far that I have encounter during the install and first usage of the OS and feature enhancement that could be of use.

    • Doing the following command didn't find the physical files of "gminer", minerfarm -b /opt/miners/gminer/gminer -c /opt/confs/bminer.conf, the folder gminer wasn't in /opt/miners and when starting with profile 2531, it didn't find the folder so I did pimpup and updated gminer. The Pimp --add was showing "gminer" in that list but the physical files didn't exist. The file /opt/confs/gminer.pcfg existed.

    • Had to update to the latest Nvidia drivers available for the RTX 2080 (Not TI)
      Doing SC to open the mining console that was on "gminer" and Gpu0 (the only gpu in the rig), I couldn't do Ctrl-A or Ctrl-D. Only way was Ctrl-C which the miner was going in stop mode. Which I had to restart.

    Ideas for PimpOS

    • Power supply's power consumption to make sure that all components aren't overpowering the power supply when adding a new card. If you were to replace 2 older gpu by 1 new gpu, the new gpu might be consuming more power than the 2 older one ?

    • Gpucontrol constant refresh like Ping -t x.x.x.x


  • Support

    Hello Ravmtl and welcome to the PiMP family.

    Please allow me to address some of your points.

    • In order to keep the PiMP OS image as small as possible, not all miners are included in the initial install. One of the first steps, after getting PiMP OS up and running, is to run pimpup in order to ensure users have the newest PiMP tools/apps (i.e. gputool, pimpup, helpme, etc...). After these things are updated, pimpup presents the user with the miner list to allow them to update/install any miner they that is available. (This includes any of the default miners that were included in the initial install, since there's a good chance they will be out of date anyway.)

    [If this wasn't the case for you (as in there was an actual problem with Gminer or the pimpup tool) then please hit us up in a specific topic or on the PiMP Discord channel so we can investigate this and come up with a fix if needed.]

    Fast forward to PiMP OS v3.0... PiMP OS is moving to a more typical Linux packaging system with a dedicated PiMP repo where system packages, PiMP OS tools/apps, and all of the miners will be easily installed/updated via a new pimpup tool and/or regular old apt update & apt upgrade. Not only will this allow users to save space by only installing the miners they want, but will also facilitate the creation of a PiMP OS network-style installer that can simply be run from a prepared flash drive - gone will be the days of pulling the SSD to flash it from another host machine. We are all looking forward to this, trust me.

    • nVidia RTX 20-series - PiMP v2.9.x (or is it v2.10... I'm not 100% sure) [due out this month] does come with the v4xx nVidia drivers along with CUDA 10, so these GPU's should be supported just fine. I personally know what you went through getting your RTX 2080 working... I had access to a RTX 2080Ti and just enough time to get the drivers installed (along with CUDA 10) and get some early testing with PiMP done before I had to give it back. Understand that this is a two-part issue: Not only does the GPU need to be supported by the system and drivers, but the mining software needs to support them as well. Miner Dev's have only recently begun to try to optimize their code to take advantage of these new GPU's. Some of these Dev's are pushing out miner updates up to 3 times a week. Rest assured, the moment they are released, the PiMP teams go at them fast and hard to ensure they meet the PiMP OS standard for stability. Only when they have received the "PiMP Seal of Approval" do we push them out to the end users.

    That being said, we know how some PiMP's just want to jump on the newest miner ASAP, even if it means a loss of stability and up-time. To help make this happen, the PiMP team is working on a way to allow users to forego this approval process and take that risk upon themselves by installing the unvetted miner by building it on their rig manually. Users must know that this will come at the cost of support - the number one, best part of PiMP OS. Support for these unvetted miners will be slim if at all.

    The better route, in my opinion, would be for these users to actively join the PiMP OS Beta Team. You'll get the newest "stuff" and be part of a team of PiMP's who are testing right along with you. It's not a hard job/task... they only need to be willing test new stuff and give their feedback on their testing results. Those who think they have what it takes can apply here: https://getpimp.org/beta

    • I'm not sure what was going on in your situation with Gminer exiting, but I do want to point out a few things.
      First, there are three ways to start a miner within PiMP OS: pimp --start #, pimp --test #, and pimp --debug #. The first two utilize the screen program and (when viewing the miner's output) to disconnect from the miner you must use Ctl+a then d. Use of pimp --debug # does not use the screen program, and unless the miner is coded for an exit command, the only way to close out the miner is with Ctl+c. It is possible that the miner and/or screen has froze or crashed, in which case you can manually kill the process with the htop program or a good old fashioned reboot.

    As for your Ideas...

    • I'm not 100% on where you were going with the Power Supply consumption, but I get what you're saying and I like it. The PiMP OS Dev Team is working hard on the new PiMP OS v3.0 tools/apps, including a new gputool and I think your suggestion would be a great addition to it. I'm sure the PiMP OS Dev Team will read this, but I will pass it along to them anyway.

    • "Gpucontrol constant refresh like Ping -t x.x.x.x"

    Okay this one's got me... My mind is racing around with everything this could be, but I'm not following. Please elaborate on this one for me.

    Thanks for the post and your suggestions. Again, welcome to the PiMP family.


  • Staff

    @Ravmtl said in Great product - First time use - issues and features:

    Gpucontrol constant refresh like Ping -t x.x.x.x

    Interesting, but miner.farm is what you want to use instead. You can monitor your GPUs in real time in a pretty web interface for free: just log into miner.farm and click the "Create Farm" button if you dont already have one, and add the farm keys to your rig.

    The agent process gathers all the mining and gpu data along with lots of other information, and updates miner.farm every few seconds, where you can see it in nicely formatted tables and graphs.


    Thanks for your support!

  • Staff

    Hello Ravmtl and thank you very much for your feedback and feature requests. We happily welcome other pimps to provide theirs as well. As you can see, we love talking with you!

    Essentially, the PIMP-2.8.6 RELEASED 2018-10-17, and we introduced gminer support in 2018-December. So your image does not have gminer because it was not available yet :)

    We will be releasing an updated image soon with all OS, pimp, and miner updates baked in, which should address most of the above issues.

    I agree with monitoring the GPU values using miner.farm. However, I also like your description for a terminal interface that provides watching of the values. We have been gathering ideas for gputool 3 coming out this year, and this is very helpful, so thank you!

    Feel free to ask questions in discord when you get stuck - we have folks from all over the world so it's quite convenient. You can even join us Wed evening in the voice call. Hope to see you there!

  • Beta Team

    @docdrydenn Hello, Thank you for the quickly reply. Appreciated.

    The Ctl-A, then D, was missunderstood by me at first glance. This morning I was able to do Ctrl-A (hold it down), then D. But the actual course of action was to do Ctrl-A (release), then D. All is good now. Thanks for the assist.

    Great about the Beta team. Myself, being a System Administrator in the IT department of a big workwide company (DentsuAegis Network (https://www.linkedin.com/in/ian-martineau-5aabaa70/ ), I am based in Montreal, Canada, if you care to know :-) ). Doing testing and support is what we do too so I fully understand about users wanting to install such and such application because they want it badly, and at the cost of support. I'll join along the Beta team if you guys would like to and I can bring my expertise. The thing too is that users may not have "testing" machines. They would only have the live hardware to mine with. Which is limited and therefore yes they would install the latest miner software which was untested. I have machines to test out and planning to build many rigs over the course of the summer.

    What I meant about the command : ping -t x.x.x.x, is that this is a network command which every OS have. It serves to ping (seek) the computer on the network to see if it is attached and live. The "-t" parameter is a continuous time to live which either using a number of seconds or unlimited it would check if the end machine with IP x.x.x.x is live. Try it out on your machine with the Google address (ping -t Do CTR-c to stop.

    In the case of gputool (sorry, I used "gpucontrol" above, which was wrong), is that the gputool would continuously refresh/check the GPU's information and post them on the screen. Live. Right now, like this morning I changed my RTX 2080 GPU parameters in the gpu-config file, updated the GPU card, started the miner and then did gpctool -s to know how the card was performing with the config changed. Every time pressing UP arrow, Enter. UP, Enter. to refresh my screen. Image this 50 times until the card and the miner stabilizes ! Not ideal. Also, like when using the ping command with multiple computers on the network when trooblshooting, you want the command gputool -s to run in continuous refresh mode until you're done with the diagnostic/test. A step further, to only run gputool -s GPU3 (GPU3 as example) to only check/diag/test the GPU you modified in the gpuconfig file.

    Have a great day.

  • Beta Team

    @lily Hello, Yes miner.farm is my next setup which I didn't yet used. Can't wait to see this in action and see if it correspond to view the rigs performance/power usage/etc.


  • Beta Team

    @melt Thank you. Yes I will check on miner.farm. Makes sense now about the gminer not included in the Octorber's release.

    One thing to not forget is that although miner.farm is a Web GUI, many users likes the "hands-on" stuff and playing with the commands like in Linux.


  • Staff

    Ooh, more great features for gputool 3 i see. specifying gpu is a good feature request as well.

    In the meantime, you can repeat a command on a timer interval using linux watch command.


    watch -n 1 /opt/pimp/gputool --status --terse will run in 1.0second intervals.

    Hope this helps you!

  • Support

    @Ravmtl I know all about how ping works, what I wasn't sure about was how you were trying to apply it to gputool...

    Damn it. Melt beat me to it. Lol

    Yes, use the watch command to get the real-time updates.

  • Beta Team

    Great. Thank you guys.


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