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Alternatives to Ethash for AMD.

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    Hey guys,

    This is my first post, so if I have done something wrong, please let me know! :D

    While I was doing some casual mining on my RX 570 I came across some very interesting algorithm's which favors AMD over Nvidia.

    One of the Algorithm's which AMD does very well under is Lyra2v3 algorithm, one of my RX 570's does roughly 38mhs per card while one of my GTX 1070's does around 40mhs per card. The coin which uses the Lyra2v3 algorithm is VertCoin, it's an oldie but is dedicated to keeping Vert a GPU Mineable coin. So this is obviously one of my favourite coins.

    Phi2's Algorithm works very well under AMD. My RX 570 does around 4.2mhs while my GTX 1070 does around 4.5mhs. The two coins which are using Phi2 are Lux and Argoneum. Argoneum being my favorite. :)

    Another algorithm would be Lyra2z, although AMD do well here, I wouldn't advise trying to mine on this algorithm now due to ASIC's and FPGA's being available for this Algorithm.

    Lyra2v2 Is in a similar position as Lyra2z.

    Considering you can buy RX 570's / 580's for cheap on Amazon and even cheaper used on eBay this is a great alternative to generate income on your cards and will allow you to diversify your crypto holdings.



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