Testing image

  • How can I verify the image and OS to be sure I have a valid copy after the creation of the drive? TIA!

  • If you can boot and verify it is most likely valid.

  • Is there any other way aside from booting up? check against image or other?

  • I try to reload a new download of the OS and the HDDRawCopy1.10Portable.exe won't load because of an error at an address, has always happened with both drives at the same location. Use the DMDE method and it loads with the following report:

    can't post a screen shot but:
    Successfully Read: 15 634 268 160(15.6GB)
    Read Errors: 0(0)
    Skipped: 0(0)
    Write Errors: 0(0)
    Left 0(0)
    Source size: 15 634 268 160 (15.6GB)

    I'm stumped, could it be a setting for the drive for booting or does it seem to just be locking up?

  • Problem was 2 different 280 Sapphire cards, strange!


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